Saturday, May 25, 2013

Education in Somalia and Female Education

Education has had a somewhat shaky background in Somalia. This has been as a result of many years of civil war that the country has gone through. Somalia to this day has limited resources in areas of management, infrastructure, human resource as well as finances as far as education is concerned. 

Though education is viewed as an intergarl part of rebuilding Somalia after decades of the civil war that has destroyed most parts of the country, there is still a lot to be done in the education sector in Somalia. This is mainly due to economic factors as well as a huge increase in population.
The economy of Somalia is slowly recovering but still has a long way to go before it becomes fully stable. This means that many people in the country will still have no access to education as infrastructure such as schools, libraries and laboratories are still insufficient in Somalia due to lack of resources. 

In addition, the population in Somalia is also increasing at alarming rates each year. This has caused serious problems in the education sector especially as regards to female education. Like in most African States, female education is considered as inferior to that of males in Somalia. And as such, faced with large populations in the country, Somalia only allows a small section of the population (mostly males) to have access to education. 

Female Education 
The number of women and girls who go to school as well as who are educated is very low in Somalia. This is due to the culture and traditions that the Somalian society greatly values. In this culture, the place of women and girls is in the kitchen as well as raising children. Thus, illiteracy among females in the country is very low and is estimated to be about 6% .
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