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Africa, the second largest continent is famous or rather infamous for its poverty and low standards of living. But this is an undeniable fact that Africa is also famous for its places that are generally breathtaking and eye catching. These places are worth visiting for their scenic beauty and adventure activities that can be done there. Here we bring a compilation of the 10 best locations in Africa.

Bazaruto Archipelago: This site is a part of Mozambique. Famous for its clear water and beautiful beaches, most people visit this place either for relaxing or enjoying water sport. Fishing is allowed here as well.

Table Mountain: This is the prime spot in Cape Town, South Africa. Photographers have a field day here trying to shoot in every angle. Cable cars provide transport to and from the mountains. It is also a general perception to view the beautiful sunset from the top.
Pyramids of Giza: One cannot miss this wonder of the world located in Egypt. The way in which these pyramids were constructed still remains a mystery. People admire these monuments as they were constructed without any use of technology.

Sun City: Located in South Africa, it is considered as one of the best destinations for a holiday in that region. It offers luxurious hotels, casinos and forests. So if you have a lot of money or want to try your luck, you have found your ideal destination.

Ngorongoro: Try pronouncing this location first! Situated in Tanzania, this place is known for its greenery and wildlife. One should never miss the migration in this part of the world. The thundering of animals as they migrate is an event to be captured and cherished.

Mauritius: We name the entire island as a perfect and beautiful place. It is preferred by those who want to unwind and enjoy the scenic beauties. It also offers activities like fishing, surfing etc.

Djmaa el Fna: This place a town square located in Morocco. The entire market like place is filled with date sellers, snake charmers and story tellers. Just by looking at this place, you will realize that you’re in Africa.

Victoria Falls: This list would have been incomplete without mentioning this beauty located between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Devils pool is the most sought after in this location. It is a pool so close to the waterfall but you can swim in it without the risk of falling.

Serengeti: A little lesser known places, Serengeti is located in both Tanzania and Kenya. Animal lovers would like to visit this place. 

Sossusvlei dunes: No one ever thought seeing a dune might be this magnificent. Situated in Namibia, this desert dune is sure a great sight to watch.
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