Saturday, May 25, 2013

Academic Program within Somalia Government

Education in Somalia relates to the academic program within Somalia government. The education system of Somalia has been vulnerable by decades of colonial neglect. It was adopted by the outbreak of a civil war in 1990 which has guided to widespread population displacement and paralysis of social services of Somalia. The educational system of Somalia consists of two years of Early Childhood Development (ECD), eight years of primary education (four years of lower primary and four years of higher primary) and four years of secondary education. Besides this system, University education includes an average of four years. Tertiary education which refers to education offered on completion of secondary education in Somalia. There are also Technical (Vocational education) and training (TVET) education, Religious education and Non-formal education (NFE) in Somalia. 
Gender-related differences remain in most of the area of Somalia. In Somalia only 37 percent of students at the lower primary school levels are girls which are so negligible. The gender difference is greatly pronounced in upper levels education system. Since 2003-2004 there has been very small progress toward minimizing the gender difference. In this time the results of previous school surveys reflect the same pattern of education of girl. UNICEF mentioned several aspects impacting low enrolment of girls in Somalia. The most important social factor is the traditionally early marriage of Somali girls during their school-going age. Other most important aspects are general limitations to education in Somalia included a lack of upper-level classes and school facilities in countryside areas, lack of teachers and teacher training program, lack of acknowledged certificates, and the inadequate recognized tertiary establishments. In case of promoting gender equity in education, UNICEF is trying to improve both access to and the quality of girl’s education in Somalia. The regional government is working closely with the regional education authorities to monitor the performance to focus on the quality of girl’s education. It’s obvious that much more work needs to be done toward gender equality in Somalia.
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