Sunday, December 15, 2013

Get Free visa from Somaliland Liaison Office

If you are a non-us citizen and seeking to get a business visa in Somalia the best way to get the visa is from the Somaliland Liaison Office (Somaliland Embassy) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. For that you must in possession of your original passport, one copy passport size personal photograph and the documents of visa fee. Now move towards the Somaliland Liaison Office. Ask the taxi driver to take you to the Bole Road. Then take a turn to the Zimbabwe Street. Keep on driving once you are on the Zimbabwe Street. There you will find the direction sign showing the direction towards the Somaliland Liaison Office. Before reaching to your desired location you will have to take few turns off Zimbabwe Street.
Here in Somaliland Liaison Office submit your application for your business or tourist visa along with all the required papers. The visa processing will take around 20 minutes depending how efficiently all the required documents are organized inside envelop and whether the ambassador is present there to sign your documents or not.
Well Done! Now you are allowed to travel in and around the Somaliland. The most economic way to reach to the Somaliland is to travel by a bus at the bus station which is in Merkato in Addis Ababa and take a bus. The quickest way to reach to Somaliland is to fly to Jijiga on Ethiopian airlines and then take taxi or shared car or bus from there. Before entering to the country complete your vaccination to avoid HIV. And don’t forget to keep your passport always with you. This may save you from many crises here in Somaliland.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

How to get a Business Visa for Somalia

How to get a Business Visa for Somalia
To visit any country you require a visa, otherwise you will not be allowed to get inside the country from wherever you are. You can get a Tourist of Business visa either on arrival at the Somali Airport or before arriving in Somalia from any Somaliland Mission. In the following way you can manage a tourist of business visa for Somalia.
If you a US citizen and looking for a Business Visa in Somalia then the best place to find that is in Somaliland Liaison Office that is Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It does not take much time to get a tourist or business visa in Somalia, maximum 10 minutes. Another way to get a visa is to contact with the Somaliland Mission in Washington DC. I have seen many people could get the visa from there for Somalia in less than 24 hours. To get all the latest information you need to call them. Though they have a website unfortunately most of the time the link remains down. The contact information of their office in Washington DC is as follows:

Somaliland Mission in Washington DC 
1425 K Street NW, Suite 350, Washington, District of Colombia 20005
Phone: 202-587-5743 e-mail:,

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Most safest place to Teach English in Africa

Now the question comes who will teach English to the Somali people. There are very less number of Somali people who all know how to teach English. For this reason government of Somalia has take a decision to invite foreign teachers in their country and will pay them very high salary along with many other facilities to teach them English. Numbers of applications are getting deposit online everyday. And everyday people are getting interviewed for their job and getting the job here. 
Now many of you should be concern about the safety and security of yours in Somalia. Rest easy if you are a foreigner they you do not have to worry much about your security. The safety of the foreigners is taken special care here. Moreover those who all are not from this country they are being given special care. Hargeisa is one of the most safest place here in Somalia.
Language is the most significant and successful tool to communicate with others. Without speaking words men cannot communicate with each other. Without any language, men will be unable to integrate and associate the things they see in words, and that they will be unable to describe their feelings and define, construct and translate their thoughts to a communicative form. Somalia has got its own language which is not understood by the international investors in Somalia. To make them understood and communicate with them the important of learning English is of imperative importance. The economy and workforce of any country greatly depends upon its skill to communicate with others. One is by improving its academic system at home by integrating English Education system into the school curriculum and the other is by sending thousands of scholars abroad. As Somalia is not capable of adopting the second option so they are following the first option by employing international teachers to teach English in Somalia.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

English Teaching Job in Somalia

A new arena of teaching English in Somalia is opening for the interested people. Once upon a time Somalia was a land of destruction due to its internal war. But now the scenario has changed. Now the Somalia’s people are dreaming to rebuild their country. Still this country is dependent on international aids but still they have realized that without learning English they cannot develop or project their country’s potentials to the international community to attract them for coming into their country and invest there. This way the economy of the country will rise. 
Before few years there was no existence of any education system in Somalia as the internal war was going on. But the recent parliament election has made a constitutional government to be formed. The new government is very much concern about the education of the nation. They have already realized that if they need to communicate with the international communities then they have to be educated. Merely getting educated will not suffice. They need to learn English to communicate with others. This thought has given the birth of the requirement of English teaching in Somalia.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Sea port of Mogadishu & Employment in Somalia

As the present situation in Somalia has improved a lot than during the civil war, foreign investors are getting interested to invest here for business. Local people are also making the best use of the opportunities that they are getting to become a prosperous nation.
The sea port of Mogadishu is the biggest employer in this country. Here the prehistoric cranes are lifting cement and oil drums. The 4,000 or so stevedores are being paid in cash and employed along clan lines. The government is still receiving $1m revenue under this condition whereas it is to be collected around $6m in each month. Here stack of pasta, rice, sugar, flour and cooking oil are stocked at dhows. The most imported good here in this country is the qat which is a stimulating leaf chewerd by the Somali people. This is being transported here by small aero planes from Ethiopia and Kenya. The good get a very handsome price as soon as it reaches to the market first by the madcap driven from the airstrip to the city.
Manufacturing goods locally in Mogadishu has become friendlier than earlier. Now the world famous Coca-cola is being manufactured locally, beside this here are bottling plants for water, tanneries, garages, cannery etc. The fishery is also very much potential, especially from the time when pirates have scared off illegal tuna boats.
So now here is time when the foreign investors can look forward to invest here in Somalia. As the construction of the destroyed country is going on at its full speed. So, we are looking forward for their contribution in rebuilding the economy of Somalia.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Business opportunities in Somalia

Somalia’s present situation is coming up with lots of grooming scope as far as the business is concerned. The seaport of Mogadishu which was non operative few years back is getting big ships and small boats coming here from around the world with goods trice a week. These ships and boats are mainly bringing charcoal, fruits, sheep, goats etc. Farmers from Uganda are mainly exporting these animals here in Somalia through those small boats. Big ships are bringing brand new as well as recondition cars, fuel tanks, water tanks, cereals, timber, cloths, shark meats etc. Electronic gadgets like TV, Refrigerator, Oven, Cell Phones etc are very cheap here is Somalia as there is no provision of TAX in this country. 
Most of the goods in this country are imported through the land port at Bakara which is 5 miles away from Mogadishu. It is basically the business center of Mogadishu which is situated in well constructed buildings. Most of the trades are here being conducted in Somali Shillings. It is to be remembered that Somalia does have any central bank. There are nine mobile-phone operators in Mogadishu offering cheap calls. Most of the telecommunication companies are based in Bakara as well. The internet connectivity is one of the fastest connections in the world. At the outskirt of Bakara there are small businessmen as well. There are many home based bakeries and confectionaries, mineral water plants etc. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Landing and takeoff in Mogadishu’s International Airport

Flying is the preferred mode of transportation because of the country’s lack of infrastructure and stability. Only 2,000 kilometers of the more than 22,000 kilometers of roads are paved. Traveling by land is dangerous, not only because of the bad roads, but also because of highway robbery. Militias and bandits flagging travelers often interrupt traffic along the rugged roads. Flying is the best, the fastest and the safest option.

Airfare is unusually high. The operating costs of airlines servicing these routes are very high compared to similar sized aircraft operating in Europe. . It is because of the lack of infrastructure. Landing and takeoff on Mogadishu’s single-lane Aden Abdulle International Airport can be a terrifying experience. Flights are a little bit rougher compared to similar flight in other countries.  Russians or Ukrainians who are familiar with the outdated controls of old Russian planes mostly pilot domestic flights. Airlines are obliged to pay additional pay as an incentive to pilots and crews who are wary of flying in Somalia. They call the additional payment “combat pay.”

A typical domestic flight in Somalia has more passengers than available seats. Passengers who are not able to grab a seat stand on the aisle throughout the flight even if they have paid for a seat. Most of the seats are defective, and have no seat belts. Passengers have to hold on to the seat in front of them during landing and takeoff. Passengers hold their bags on their lap since there is no cabin for baggage.

Certainly, the entrepreneurial spirit of Jubba Airways and other air carriers, taking the risks to provide air transport, is commendable. There is hope that, with time, basic ground infrastructure will improve as those in the skies.

Mogadishu’s Aden Abdulle International Airport

Airline carriers operating in Somalia, despite poor roads and unsafe seas, are continuously adding flight routes, domestic and international, to meet rising air travel demand. The country’s airline industry is growing. The unofficial carrier of Somalia, Jubba Airways, is adding more leased Soviet Antonov propeller planes and old Boeing jets to its fleet. These Russian planes are very tough and can withstand the rough Somali airports. Because of the boom in air travel, Mogadishu’s Aden Abdulle International Airport, which was unusable prior to 2010, is expanding. It is now accommodating 35 flights a day.
For the past 20 years, the situation was chaotic. Fifteen commercial carriers, many of them owned by Somalis, tried to revive the defunct airline market. Some of them lasted only for a few years. Others, like the African Express Airways, are still operating in the region.
Security measures in Mogadishu’s Aden Abdulle International Airport are very tight. More than 15,000 troops are protecting it, and passengers have to pass several security checks before boarding a plane. These security measures have encouraged several carriers to expand their network and fleet. Airlines of neighbor countries such as African Express, Fly540, and Air Uganda have a daily flight schedule. In addition, International carriers such as Turkish Airways have launched their routes.    

Most safe international airlines, Jubba Airways

The home airline of this country is called Jubba Airways that offer flights to different parts of the country.  There are also other small airlines that have also started offering flights into this country and one of them is the Kenya based airline company Fly540 which offer daily flights from different countries to this country. There are other international airlines that offer their flights to this country. Visitors from Europe and Middle East countries could use turkey airline which has flights to Somalia.
There are speculations that even more carriers from Middle East could set their feet in this country soon to take advantage to the strategic position of this country. There are various conditions that an airline company should fulfill before being awarded with a permit to operate in Somalia. They have to ensure that they take care of the security risk that could hamper with the stability that has coasted this country. The demand for air transport is high as many passengers prefer this mode of traveling due to convenience as well as bad road network which is still to be rehabilitated.
Presence of international nongovernmental organization which is helping the government to fight poverty and insecurity is also another force that is causing the demand of the air transport to be high. Those already in business of air transport are ripping huge profit and that’s why other airlines are eyeing this young market. There is one big airport that serves international flights to Somalia and it is known as Mogadishu international airport. This airport was once a busy airport but when civil unrest started it was destroyed and left in a bad state. However, there has been an effort by the new regime to reconstruct the airport again so that many more investor could come in to assist the already under used market.

Somalia Airlines Business and Jubba Airways

There are several hitches that Somalia has undergone in the last twenty years one being lawlessness and invasion of militia that destabilized the country in a bad way. However, after formation of the legitimate government that was elected by people things have actually changed and just like any other country people of this nation are working hard to ensure that it regain its lost glory. One area that you may be amazed to see how first is growing is the aviation industry where Somalia airline business has seen considerable development just a few months after Somalia regained its stability.
There have been so many airlines operators which have already set their business in the country despite the insecurity incidences that have hit this country before. There are many more companies that are also eager to launch their services in this country making the country to experience a boom in this sector. Some of the airlines that are making their route to Mogadishu include air Uganda which has helped many people travelling from the South African countries to find a connection route to this country. 

Most beautiful Somalia daughters and Somalis girls

She was even awarded contract to act in western movies where she was able to earn a good amount of money due to her looks. She is not the only lady from Somalia who has attracted attention of many people as there are other Somalia daughters who have contributed a lot to the world. The UN ambassador Weris Dirie is a good example how a beauty from Somalia could find a high status due to her exemplary looks. She helped in the fight of FGM commonly known as female genital mutilation. Many women from Somalia have contributed a lot to the world and also to the people of Somalia.
Many of these women have either undergone hardship brought by security instability in their country. Due to war many people were forced to migrate to other safe areas and many ended up in foreign countries. This helped women of Somalia origin to learn a lot and therefore opened up their minds. It’s not common today in Somalia to find cousins getting married to each other and this has been left to those people who are not civilized. It’s not only beauty that makes Somalis girls to be special, but they have also excelled in other fields as well.
Many of women who have had education opportunities have become professionals who are now helping in rebuilding the new Somalia. Although there are many challenges that handsome Somalis girls are going through there is no doubt that this is one place where you can for sure say that natural beauties exist. Therefore if you would like to see beautiful girls for yourself then you can visit Somalia and who knows you may find yourself a partner from Somalia.

Somalia's most Beautiful Women and Handsome girls

If beauty is something that can be measured then many Somalis women would be rated as the most beautiful women in the planet.  This country boasts to be the mother of some of the most beautiful women in the whole continent of Africa. Although, it is said beauty is in the eyes of beholder there is no doubt that no one can dispute the beauty of ladies of this country. Exposure of these women to the world has made some of them to be a household name as they are featured in top magazines as well as in beauty products for women.
It is a fact many of the beauty products that bear women faces comprise of ladies who are either from Somalia or they have root origin from this country. Even some of the models who have represented Somalia in international platform have found themselves in lucrative deals even if they did not make into the top of such competition.  One of the best examples of such model is Iman who featured in an international model contest. Her beauty left many people with question without answers on how on earth such a beauty could come from a war tone area such as Somalia.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Five star hotels in capital of Somalia Mogadishu

This does not however mean that you cannot find luxury and comfort in other hotels that are found in this country but level of comfort is what matters. When you are busy and you won’t be able to enjoy the luxury offered by five start hotels then it can be a good idea that you choose a less expensive hotel and more so a three star hotel. On the other hand those on their vacation in Somalia or honeymoon then five star resorts can be the best choice as they have all the time that the need to enjoy exclusive services offered in such hotels. Some o the services that you will be offered in five star hotels include internet services as well as swimming pool in the premises of the hotel.
Gymnasium can also be found in these hotels as well as other room services that are not offered in three star hotels. In Somalia you will find good five star hotels in such as ambassador hotel which is the best in the country. Here security is high and excellent services that you may like; they include satellite TV, Wi-Fi as well as fridges in the rooms. Another nice hotel that you can eat and find accommodation while in Somalia is Barwaaqo hotel which is one in the best in the whole region of Hargeisa.
It has excellent services which include internet services and sightseeing venues and the best thing is that it offers airport shuttles for its customers who would like to be picked at the airport. Other hotels that are found in the country and offer quality services to their customers include Fanole rice farm, Oriental Hotel and the budget. There are also major small hotels that can be found in the capital of Somalia Mogadishu and therefore you should not worry of accommodation and where to eat while in Somalia.

Hotels and Restaurant in Somalia

One thing that you must research on before traveling to a foreign country is where you are going to get accommodation as well as your meals. Hotels and restaurants are some of the places where you may find accommodation and meals and they are available in almost every part of the world. Somalia despite having come out in civil unrest has the best accommodation and best places where you can get your meals. There are many good places that you can find accommodation and meals in this wonderful city with any budget that you may have.
There are different ratings of hotels ranging from three stars to five starts hotel in Mogadishu.  All you will need to check is the budget you have and then go to the most convenient hotel in Somalia. Three stars hotels offer basic services but which are up to standard where you can enjoy but on the other hand five star hotels will offer you the luxury that you may require. You will be pampered and offered exclusive services while on your stay in Mogadishu but in return you will have to part with a huge chunk of money.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Economy and education system in Somalia

Natural disaster has also affected the economy and education in Somalia. Some heavy torrential and Tsunami affect the nation of Somalia. With lack of resource, people force to choose the illegal way to earn money. As well as, education system were also effects by these famines. People had no food to feed their children, so education was far away from them. International NGO’s were also helped the Somali nation through funds and aids. Now, some international education firms trying to rebuild the education standard in Somalia through different channels. Universities and colleges taking a part to educate the people in Somalia. There is lack of professional guidance and material scarcity in Somalia. With increasing trend of education, worldwide Somali people have also adopted this way to compete the international competition. Politics interventions in education have changed the situation of the country.
Mogadishu is the capital of the Somalia. In the past, dictators have also ruled out on the country. Their effect still now feel. In Mogadishu standard of education is better than other cities of the Somalia. Furthermore, some civilians also affect the economy and education system in Somalia. They also damage the increasing rate of literate in Somalia. People were scary because of civilians. Life safety was big issue of these people.
In 1991 Siad Barre trying to establish the democracy in Somalia, but he failed to rule out in this country. His government fails to stable the country situation. Since now, Somali government is being recovering to boost up the education in Somalia. Somalia until now consider unsecure place for investors, tourist, and any other people who wants to come here.

Adult Education in Somalia

Now, I’m going to discuss the education system and scope of education in Somalia. Some institutional intervention and capable to manage the problem in internal displacement in Somalia.  The focus would be to compare the contrast with other systems. There is requirements in order to identify the specific challenges which faced by the Somalia. What are the action plans about the education system in Somalia? You need to clarify the coming problems and hurdle, which are facing in Somalia. The economic progress of the Somalia is very low. The education system is in pathetic condition. Numbers of things require establishing the education in Somalia. Since, last two decades Somalia recognizes as pirates country, but now the trend has been changed. Some scholars and educated people trying to change it shape. They want to show the better side of the country to world. With primary education, students taught human rights and some technical skills. Firstly, large group of people depends on the illegal sources, such as ransom for people and professionals. They treat other person by kidnapping the engineer and whole crue. However, these problems were early habit of the Somali people. With increasing knowledge of education in villages and urban area situation has been changed. Despite of lowest GDP and per Capita income Somalia people are doing education to enhance the economy of the country.

Somali National Television & Somali media

The Ministry of Information, Posts and Telecommunication also organized a consultative meeting in March. The meeting attended by more than w 30 Somali media organizations, international media law experts, publishers and NGOs made a number of recommendations for the drafting of inclusive media legislation consistent with the best international practices. This go forward journey in the history of Somali media started with the unanimous approval of the National Communications Act by the Somali cabinet in March last year. The Act was expected to create an environment conducive to investment and further infrastructural development.
A new Provisional Constitution adopted in August last year included a number of statutes pertaining to media profession. The most relevant statute with specific relevance to media was Article 18 pertained to freedom of expression and opinions for media workers and the freedom of the media, be it electronic or online. The right to freely express their artistic creativity, knowledge, and information gathered through research was also guaranteed to every Somali.
Today Somalia has one official government-run television station as well as a number of private networks. Twenty-four-hour Somali National Television is state while Somaliland National TV is operated by the local government. There are also many private TV stations such as Eastern Television Network and Somali Broadcasting Corporation. A couple of private channels re-broadcast Al-Jazeera and CNN.
Somalia is in transition and so is its media: Both helping each other to reshape the minds and thoughts of the Somalis.

Somaliland Newspapers and online media

The print media in Somalia reached its Zenith at the beginning this century. At that time some four dozen newspapers were published alone in Somali capital of Mogadishu. However, the electronic media started pushing the print media out of business as early as 2003 for reasons of economy. By 2012, just three newspapers published from Mogadishu- Xog Doon, Xog Ogaal and Horyaal Sports- managed to survive the brutal onslaught of the electronic media.
Today Media in Somalia comprises a mix of a number of popular radio news agencies, government –run as well as private television stations and print & internet outlets. This include two official radio and TV networks, a number of private and foreign stations. Print media, as already mentioned, is gradually giving way to news radio stations and online portals as internet connectivity and access increases. In February 2013, the Ministry of Information, Posts and Telecommunication also launched a broad-based consultative process for the reformation of media legislation.
The proliferation of the private TV stations made it imperative for the Somali government to regulate the electronic media proliferating so profusely, so quickly. Thus in February this year, the Somali Ministry of Information, Posts and Telecommunication announced that the government was opening the 2007 Somali media law for consultation.
Aimed at better regulating the new media the ministry organized two workshops on Communication and Media to collect advice from local journalists on the drafting of a new Somali media law, including a February 18, 2013 gathering in February this year in Mogadishu which was attended by 45 media stakeholders.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Federal Government of Somalia and international investments

All the African Heads of Government have pledged in their commitment to support the New Somalia. The President of Uganda has pledged to train Somalia Army officers, Somali NCO's, and would train Somali Armed Forces in the aspect of technology, to equipped them with digital technology which is a great advantage against the threat of rebel forces affiliated with Al-Queda terrorism.
The establishment of the new government of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has attracted international investments and gradually restoring economic and trade cooperation. The International Monetary Fund recognized the Federal Government of Somalia because of its initiatives in strengthening ties with international community. Somalia is still considered as a failed state but the new Somalis living abroad are returning back to Somalia to train young men and women of Somalia about leadership and entrepreneurship. For young Somalis entrepreneur, they will be supported in seeking investors for their projects.

Somalia's oil and gas potential and Somalia Economy

Since a war broke in 1991, Somalia has suffered from successive years of political unrest and violence, inauguration of an internationally recognized government under the leadership of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, SOMA OIL AND GAS, a UK based company, has taken its first step in an oil deal agreement with the new Somali government. According to SOMA, which has been recently established  and headed by a former British cabinet member, Somalia has a great potential in gas and oil industry. Like the East African countries of Tanzania and Kenya, SOMA has invested more than US$20 million in the exploration for Somalia's oil and gas potential. The stabilization of a central government in Somalia gains international support. International agencies are building and engaging with a new government system which is in nature similar to other democratic countries. A new government of Somalia led by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is an academic, engineer, and an educator. He has the great aspiration in rebuilding his country from a "failed" to "emerging nation".

Business ideas and Opportunities for somalian Students

Somalia has a single language and religion with 500 divided clans which are all notoriously competitive. The people of Somalia, or the Somalis has a nomadic way of life, and hardly cannot accept of having a central government. Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia had a military dictator who was ousted in 1991.
 Today, the country's latest president, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is promising a democratic policies which is largely based on federalism and decentralized power. Somalia is facing new challenges with new leaders in Mogadishi, the country's capital. After twenty years of war damage on the country's infrastructure, the local private business sectors had discovered a special technique in providing electricity locally through a second hand generators bought in Dubai. But the diesel generators provide electricity out of the reach of the poor people. It is estimated that a kilowatt of electricity costs $1.35 which can be considered as the most expensive in the world.
A pilot project has been established by a Norwegian charity group to install a 50 solar powered street lights in the capital. A Somali entrepreneur is starting his work with an American trained chemist in producing bio-diesel from animal fat. The Somalis have great abundance in cattle herding. With proper mixture of animal fats, used oils and chemicals, the generators could run a power of forty cents a litre of bio-diesel compared to $1.20 per litre of imported fuel.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Explore the beauty of the Somali girls

Here is needed to explore the beauty of the Somali girls. Their shining hair which some curl have also very attractive for other person. Mostly women in Somalia are geek and old fashionable they have no sense about vogue and fashion, because in Somalia mostly Muslim community exist. Muslim girls are very stickler and avoid to fashion and trend. In this way, here mostly women wear veil and cover their head with scarf and cloth. Some area of the Somalia found beauty. Beauty overall not depend on the natural physic, its depends also on your clothing. Loose and beige cloth is not more attractive, instead of tight and skin fit cloth. Too tight cloth also cause of ugliness between the women, it should be reasonable. Some area of the Somalia found more beauty; here the girls with big eyes and curling hair are world wise like. Specially, in Dubai, UK, and many others countries are more demand of Somali girls. Because they inspire from the beauty of the Somali girls.

Fashion and glamour in Somalia

 When we talk about the fashion and glamour in Somalia, some area are adopted this habit but mostly Somali are vacant from the fashion. There is lack of professionalism in Somalia regarding to the fashion. Mostly here natural beauty girls are found. Because they have no idea about the fashion. In these days, mostly women attract to the men through their fashion and clothes. Therefore, these are very scarce in Somalia. On the other hand, some Somalia girls have also won the world beauty competition.  They have admired the world professional beauty seeker through their natural beauty. Another, good point regarding to the beauty, nutrition play a vital role to enhancing the beauty of the women. In Somalia, there is scarcity of food and Somalia is a third world country. This is another cause lack of beauty in Somalia.

Somali’s Most Beautiful and Attractive Girls

Somali girls are the girls who have the both features of curvy and skinny. These features are considering very attractive shape of the body. Somali’s girls have curvy and skinny features, which attract men. Somali girls have most feminine features, which indulge the youngster and men toward hers. Furthermore, girls who are skinny are not curvy. Curves are mostly found in bigger girls. Mostly curves found the between the waist and their bottom side as well as upper body. Some Somali girls like their body shapes according the smart girls, they want upper body thick and lower body small with bulky hip. So we can say beauty is the not legacy of any girls. Its dynamic occurs in many forms. Most importantly, clothes create the beauty between different girls. Collection of cloth is very important, it’s depends on the choice of the different girls. Generally, Somali girls are not well educated, so in this regards, they have no enough knowledge about fashion and glamour. Being a women curves are most important, because this is the difference between men and women. Mostly people indulge in curvy girls, they are curious about these types of girls. Somali women are very curvy and attract most of the other compatriots. When you talk about the beauty of the Somali women, their figure is very fascinating to attract a tycoon person.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Most visited honeymoon resort & destination in Somalia

Another destination that you may head for your honeymoon is ambassador hotel where you can find relaxation that you may be looking for. This is one stop destination for many international visitors who come into this country. It has been operating for a long time in Somalia and therefore you can be assured that the services that you will receive in this hotel are of high quality. Another must visit honeymoon resort destination Somalia is Oriental Hotel which has a modern architectural design and has a five start rating. This is a romantic place where new spouses may find in Somalia as it offer romantic luxury that they may need after a long period of preparation of being married.
Another spot that is a honeymoon resort destination is royal garden hotel Mogadishu which is known for its cultural and historical connection to this country. This is a place where you can get to learn more about the culture of Somalia people while at the same time enjoying your honeymoon vacation. Therefore the list of such destination is endless and it is good to conduct further research on restaurants that offer such services in Somalia. Choose not only a resort base where you will be comfortable to stay but where you will also be able to learn new things. This way you will find your time valuable at this wonderful country and there is no doubt that you will enjoy your honeymoon top the fullest.

Somalia honeymoon resorts and destinations

When you think of a destination where to go for your honeymoon then Somalia is one of the best places that you can wish to visit. You can enjoy your stay at this wonderful country while on the same time make a huge saving which you can’t get anywhere else. There are many resort s and destination that are found in this region. Since the Alshabaab militia was defeated by African union there has been a stability which has led to massive investment in hotel industry. The strategic position of Somalia is the capstone that makes it a perfect place where new weds should go to enjoy their honeymoon. 
There are several resorts destination that you may find interesting in Somalia and they meet high quality standard that you may love to stay in. This is one time event and therefore it is good to make sure that you spend it in the best way possible. Many times you may have difficulty where to go and where not but the ultimate point is to make sure that you spend your honeymoon in the best place you can. Some of the honeymoon resort destination in Somalia include Mansoor hotel which is located in Hargeisa. This is a high class hotel that you will be excited to spend your time in with your loved one. It has a parking lot for those who may have their own vehicle and it is constructed in the modern design.

Somalia courtesy of international NGOs

Student visa is another category of visa which is given to those who are undertaking study in the country. Temporary worker visa which is given to those people who are in Somalia courtesy of international NGOs and they are not sure the period that they will be working in the country. Mostly this is a visa which is given to volunteers and that staffs who are employed on a short term contract and are not expected to stay in the country for a long time. Business visa is given to those people who would be working in Somalia or are going to set business in the country. This visa is given after those who are intending to set their business comply with the regulations of this country.
The first thing that you have to do is make sure that you have the necessary documents that will enable you to be given a business visa. This will include your national passport as well as the fees that will be paid for the whole process. Then, you have to visit the Somalia embassy in your country where the visa will be processed and you have to deliver those documents over there. It will take some few days and then you will be contacted and be told whether your application is through. That is how simple it is to get a business visa to Somalia and once you have it on your pocket you are good to go. Through following the above procedure you will not find yourself in the wrong side of the law while in Somalia.

How to get Somalia business visa

Anyone who is considering moving to Somalia to set up a business need to know several things on how to get legal documents while in the country? Before going ahead to do anything in Somalia you have to clear with authorizes so that you can proceed to establish what you want. You have to ensure that the government knows your existence in the country and this is done through issuance of a visa. There are different categories of visas that you can ask for while in Somalia and they are as follow. There are visa which are given to visitors who would like to tour the country and they are expected not to conduct any business while on their visit.
They are offered tourist visas and are offered for those who will stay for a short in the country. In case you are found engaging anything which is business in nature with such a visa then you may find yourself in the bad side of law. The other category of visa is the transit visa which is offered to people who are passing through the country heading to another country. This include those who are using the port of Somalia and they are valid only for a period of three days or even less depending with the nature of transport and luggage as well.

Most popular hotels in Mogadishu

The dilapidation of buildings that were brought by war is less visible making it look like another place. There is no doubt if you can view Mogadishu at night you will realize that this is one of those cities that does not sleep you will find people enjoying themselves at entertainment joints, while others taking advantage of the cool climate to go and treat heir friends in popular hotels in Mogadishu. There are some people who also like to watch premier league series of football in restaurant with facility to show such matches simply making the city night life to be exciting.
There are also popular night clubs where those people who like music and dancing can go to and enjoy themselves although this was only started as the Islamic militia which had enforced Islamic law was suppressed by Kenyan defense forces. The main people who find night clubs interesting are foreigners and tourist in the city since most of them are sued to such entertainment and therefore making their stay in the country interesting. You should however note that nightclubs are not common in the city and the few ones which are available are run by local boys from Mogadishu as many investors are yet free to start fully equipped clubs. 
The common songs that you will probably find being played are Somalia songs as well as a little international music depending on the mood of the people comprising the crowd. Therefore those who doubted that things could go back to normal as it was twenty years ago then they should come to Mogadishu and see for themselves how things have changed.

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