Friday, December 30, 2011

Business opportunities in Africa and Political blocs in Africa

Business opportunities in Africa and Political blocs in Africa
Africa remains vastly unexploited besides being a vast reservoir of all economic resources. This is partly because of previous disadvantages in wealth distribution in the world, trade in balance, cold war plus effects of colonialism. But this is really changing fast and the world's attention is focusing more on this continent’s potential to drive the world economy moving into the future. Socio-economic developments, improvements in governance as well as democracy and penetration in education accessibility are few of the key factors driving this renewed vigour. There are several economic plus political blocs in Africa which offer a vast market and investment opportunity. These blocs are namely SADDC, EAC, ECOWAS, COMESA plus IGADD. The major aim of these blocs is to widen as well as deepen political, economic and social co-operation among partner states. This has lead to establishment of custom unions, common markets with removal of all trade tariffs and plans for a monetary union, with the ultimate objective of establishing a political federation of African states.

Africa is no less than a bonus for all those people who are looking for truly incredible business opportunities. If you want to take a big leap towards success in these difficult times of economic downturn then consider this continent. I am sure Africa will work wonders for you. 

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