Monday, November 14, 2011

yahoo online earning tips for Somalians and African

Yahoo online earning tips for somalians and African 

Been restored US / NATO military intervention in Libya to leave an important issue: Can the spread of the U.S. military for humanitarian purposes? In 1992, the US-led invasion in Somalia provides an important lesson. Today, with Libya, has stalled the left, pose the problem of Somalia - that is, whether to support the Western military intervention, it is a statement of peace and non-visible altruism.
Clinton said continuing to work Bush "Restore Hope" in Somalia, the U.S. military is "a force for good" - uses this method in the era of foreign policy of the United States in the wake of the framing of the U.S. armed forces in Bosnia and Kosovo war, the former Soviet Union, from Somalia to the demise of Haiti .

"Under the guise of humanitarian intervention" to support the progressive politicians abroad and hide the real motive - to promote the adoption of neo-liberal economic agenda, the pressure of the empire, and the establishment of a network system as standard.

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