Thursday, November 10, 2011

Somali Business yellow pages Free books for all

Somalian Business yellow pages Free books for all

Seattle residents and some or all of the Yellow Pages telephone directory for companies to stop receiving the following screening (Opt - Out) Deadline is it 23 September - "Yellowbook" will start 30 days before delivery. Yellowbook" and "SuperPages" delivery late October through the end of the year is expected. Most of the people of Seattle paper, £ 11 per year or more will receive a total of six phone book. Most of these books and do not use unnecessary, to go directly to recycling.

By automated phone line at 206-504-3066 It is also possible to deny. In addition to postcards, Somali, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, English, Spanish, Vietnamese, eitneun the city's neighborhood service centers are available at: More than 55,000 Seattle residents and businesses nearly 300 tons of paper, equivalent to removing more than 300,000 phone books a result of the year, has already used this free service.

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