Thursday, October 6, 2011

Somali government and child soldier story

Somali government and child soldier story 
Channel 4’s Unreported World features the work of local peacebuilder Henri Ladyi to liberate child soldiers. The documentary focuses on the release of several dozen youngsters, and follows Henri as he travels deep into the bush to meet with hardened rebel leaders.
In the past year Henri has rescued 650 child soldiers – 400 have since been reunited with their families, the others are being cared for by foster families. 175 children under ten have returned to school, and those older have been trained in skills they can use to support themselves. These are the true stories of the children growing up in one of the most dangerous places on earth.Henri budgets just £21 to give each child he liberates the skills to start a fresh. For some this is enough to buy some animals to rear for milk and eggs, for others it the basic training to be a mechanic, a hairdresser or a baker. Make a donation today and help children like these change their future.
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