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Top Honeymoon Places in India

Top Honeymoon Places in India :
Lakshadweep Islands
The isolated islands, located on the south west of the country, are a group of many smaller islands, in the Indian Ocean. Here you can have a very unintruding time with your partner, in the emerald beaches and lagoons. Sprawl out on the cool sand , and enjoy the breezy weather with your beloved. You can also explore the marine world, around the islands, and have a perfect beach honeymoon.
GoaAnother beach destination, Goa, is one of the most hippiest places in the country, popular for its amazing night life and beach sports. Honeymoon couples will have a lovely time here, as the fun of the beach, the charm of the heritage, the thrill of the adventure sports and the memorabilia collected via shopping, everything is of best quality here.

KovalamThis is a small but romantic beach town, in the southern coastal lands of Kerala,which touches the Arabian sea, providing a lovely view and location to the honeymooners. The place is famous for its serene beaches, and a lone lighthouse. You can also enjoy the rustic neighborhood places of Kovalam on your trip, and enjoy a private time here.

SrinagarThe amazing, beautiful and iconic Kashmiri town of India, which is as charming as the paradisaical Kashmir, makes a popular honeymoon destination in India. You can enjoy your first vacation together, in the mesmerizing lakes, gardens and house boats of Srinagar. The city will provide the charm of a gone by era, where a slow world could be seen floating on the lakes.

DarjeelingThis is one of the most widely popular hill stations of India, whose iconic tea estates and Himalayan Railway, are the best attractions. On your Darjeeling honeymoon, you can have a splendid view of these things amidst charming valleys and landscape beauty.  This Himalayan city , located in West Bengal, offers you various other places to see, like Rock Garden, zoo and Himalayan flora and fauna.

JodhpurThis Rajasthani city, is a hot destination for those couples who want to enjoy the charm of deserts with a historical splendor, depicted through various regal palaces and forts. The proximity of the city to the Great Thar Desert makes it even more popular, while the Mehrangarh Fort and Umaid Bhawan Palace are some of the palaces worth taking a look. Enjoy a very earthy honeymoon here, with royal luxury.

CoorgThe popular hill station of Karnataka, is world famous for its brilliant coffee plantations. Here a honeymoon couple can have a very memorable time, in the middle of beautiful waterfalls, and landscape beauties. Coorg has amazing resorts and provisions for its tourists, and during British Raj, it was one of the summer capitals.

OotyAnother scenic hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu. Ooty is a popular destination for honeymooners, as you get such amazing attractions and locations, to spend private time with your partner, in the middle of natural bounties, that it becomes a pure delight. Roam around the tea plantation estates, and valleys of Ooty, and click each other's pictures to collect amazing memories of your honeymoon.

ShimlaHimachal Pradesh is the most frequently traveled destination in India, chosen by national and international tourists. Many hill stations of Himachal offer tourists a perfect getaway, but Shimla, the capital city of the place is a popular destination for honeymooners. With its amazing valleys, forests, street markets and colonial buildings and museums, it is a very attractive place to have a honeymoon vacation.

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Who are Somalia's pirates? comprehensive Store

Who are Somalia's pirates, comprehensive Store  
Text will be coming soon ........

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Anti-piracy Attacks Move Closer to Somali Coast

Anti-piracy Attacks Move Closer to Somali Coast

The website "Somalia Report" published on 20 April 2012 a lengthy analysis of recent efforts by both the Puntland Marine Police Force (PMPF) and foreign naval vessels to stop Somali piracy. Titled Terrorists, Pirates or Fishermen? and written by Robert Young Pelton, the piece leads with an account of a recent helicopter attack against apparent Somali fishermen operating at night 5 kilometers from the coastal village of Gumbah. The analysis acknowledges that Gumbah is a pirate launching center with pirated ships offshore. But it is also a fishing village and pirates are known to force fishermen to join their cause. While the helicopter attack was apparently a case of mistaken identity, the incident underscores the difficulty of distinguishing between Somali pirates and legitimate fishermen. The article does make clear, however, that foreign anti-piracy efforts have moved closer to the Somali coast. Click here to read the entire article. 

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Who are Somalia's pirates

Who are Somalia's pirates

Their motives? A mixture of entrepreneurialism and survival, says Iqbal Jhazbhay, a Somali expert at the University of South Africa in Tshwane, as Pretoria is now called.
"From the evidence so far, these primarily appear to be fighters looking for predatory opportunities," says Mr. Jhazbhay. They operated "roadblocks in the past, which were fleecing people as a form of taxation. Now they've seen the opportunities on the high seas."
Initially, one of the main motives for taking to the seas – working first with local fishermen, and later buying boats and weapons with the proceeds of every ship they captured – was "pure survival," says Jhazbhay, explaining that armed extortion is one of the few opportunities to make a living in lawless Somalia.


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Royal Navy captures 13 Somali pirates

Royal Navy captures 13 Somali pirates

Royal Marines in speedboats approached the vessel and boarded it, capturing 13 pirates and seizing weapons.
Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said the UK personnel, part of a Nato-led force, could be "proud" of the success.
A Ministry of Defence spokesman said the suspected pirates had been placed on board RFA Fort Victoria "while investigations continue to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to prosecute".
Mr Hammond said: "The Royal Navy and Royal Marines are playing a crucial role in securing and protecting international sea lanes that are vital to global trade.
He added: "This operation off the coast of Somalia is a clear demonstration of Britain's ability to tackle piracy that threatens our interests."


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UK racket instead of Somali piracy. Is it better

UK racket instead of Somali piracy. Is it better

In my article “Oceans Beyond Piracy with record-high lies, again” I wrote, that the new study of OBP is meaningless, just because the basic conception of the study, the idea behind it, is outdated and wrong. All the criticism poured on OBP study by many experts, missed the main, basic flaw of OBP’s study – its’ outdated and wrong approach to the problem in general, with regards to latest developments. It means that critics basically, stick to the same understanding of Somali piracy and piracy environment, as OBP and organizations behind OBP.
The situation changed during past 7 months so dramatically, that presently, we can’t evaluate piracy using old criteria. A year ago world shipping massively started hiring private armed guards, as the only solution to the piracy problem. It was their reaction to official failure to provide the safety, the shipping cast aside all the activities of officialdom and navies as something absolutely irrelevant to the real woes of the shipping, and lay its’ hopes with good old market. The success of private guards was just stunning, something nobody involved in the piracy expected. The number of hijacks plummeted to near zero, meanwhile maritime officialdom, UN, IMO and States politicians, together with navies brass, suddenly found themselves looking like idiots with all their Best Management Practice versions, with their “Save Our Seafarers” campaign, conferences and round tables, with aspects of their “Fighting the Piracy” strategy.

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Somali pirate ransoms top £3m as report demands action

Somali pirate ransoms top £3m as report demands action

When pirates approach vessels on which armed guards are unsure whether they can fire, then without clear and decisive guidance, there is a danger we may emasculate the very frontline solution which is currently keeping piracy at bay".

Currently other tactics available to shipowners include water jets, the use of locked safe rooms known as citadels and technology such as sonic deterrents and the application of "industry best practice" including the use of CCTV, alarms and even simply having an emergency plan should a ship come under pirate attack.


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White Girl Singing Classic Somali Song 2012


Allied Media Corp provides the service of cultural awareness training to ensure that clients are prepared to handle any situation that comes at them. We work with Government Officials, Military Officers, Soldiers, Business Owners, or any professional that has the need to help communicate most effectively with the audience at hand.
Cultural differences can be a huge barrier when trying to achieve successful recruitment, securing partnerships, hosting events and living amongst them. Allied Media trains groups to learn the cultural dos and don’ts to work with or in a particular culture. With the knowledge of critical cultural nuances in your back pocket, you can tackle any situation at hand with grace and ease.

Communicating with African Partners and Business in somalia

Communicating with African Partners and Business in somalia 
As an industry facilitator to meet security challenges, one of the roles of the Maritime Administration is to provide useful information to both the private and public sectors in the event otransportation crisis
Piracy off the coast of Somalia escalated in 2008 causing a significant disruption to the Marine Transportation System (MTS), as well as endangering the life of merchant mariners. As part of the Maritime Administration action plan for addressing piracy off the Horn of Africa, pertinent information is consolidated on this site for easy access to current status and advice to counter-piracy and armed robbery. The information is intended to assist ship owners, operators, and other maritime industry representatives to be prepared to prevent seajackings.

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The Pirates of Somalia and capital of somalia

The Pirates of Somalia and capital of somalia 

Somalia, on the tip of the Horn of Africa, has been inhabited as far back as 9,000 BC. Its history is as rich as the country is old. Caught up in a decades-long civil war, Somalia, along with Iraq and Afghanistan, has become one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Getting there from North America is a forty-five-hour, five-flight voyage through Frankfurt, Dubai, Djibouti, Bossaso (on the Gulf of Aden), and, finally, Galkayo. Somalia is a place where a government has been built out of 
For centuries, stories of pirates have captured imaginations around the world. The recent bands of daring, ragtag pirates off the coast of Somalia, hijacking multimillion-dollar tankers owned by international shipping conglomerates, have brought the scourge of piracy into the modern era.

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Somali pirates kidnap American writer 

When an award-winning Californian surf journalist called Michael
Scott Moore decided to take a break from the business of catching
waves, he told friends that he intended to visit Somalia to write a
book about the country's headline-prone professional pirates.

Little did Moore know exactly how hands-on the research project would get. Yesterday, he was identified as the latest unfortunate young American citizen to be kidnapped at gunpoint and held hostage in the African country's lawless northern region of Galmudug.
Officials believe that Moore was seized by a gang of approximately 15 gunmen last Saturday, on the road to Galkayo airport. The location is identical to the one where Jessica Buchanan, the 32-year-old freed by US Navy Seals last week, was seized in October.


Women Hiking Vacations in Kenya

Women Hiking Vacations in Kenya

From our menu of women hiking vacations, enjoy a walking and wildlife safaris in Kenya that is designed to keep you away from mass tourism. Visit the game rich Aberdare Sanctuary and the Solio ranch. Spend a night of wildlife viewing from the balcony of your room at Treetops - a tree hotel in the Aberdares. The tour then progresses to scenic places in the Great Rift Valley for more game and walks in Crescent Island, Crater Lake, Hell's Gate and Elementaita with guaranteed interruptions from Giraffes, Waterbucks, Elands, Zebras and various Gazelles.

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Fewer pirate attacks off Somalia in 2012

Fewer pirate attacks off Somalia in 2012 

THE NUMBER of ships captured by pirates in the Indian Ocean has gone down in the first quarter of this year compared to the same time last year.
There were only 27 pirate attacks in the Indian Ocean from January to April, compared with 91 attacks that occurred at the same period last year. The decrease also in pirate success is due to increased use of armed security on board merchant vessels and the presence of foreign navies along the sea route.
According to the latest report by the European Union Naval Force Somalia (EUNAVFOR), the number of hijacked vessels and hostages has gone down as an overall pirate success rate. In the first quarter, the success rate of pirates dropped to 14 per cent last year compared with 27 per cent in 2010 and 28 per cent in 2009. 

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Pirates of Somalia full picture and somaliland news

Pirates of Somalia full picture and somaliland news 

Kenya Holidays and Vacation Packages

Kenya Holidays and Vacation Packages

Kenya Holidays, for many, provides the quintessential African experience –from the sun baked days spent on the African savannah abundant with game, to admiring the snow-capped mountains dominating the horizon, and the glistening coral reefs teeming with all manner of life aquatic, it provides great scenery, profuse wildlife and a rich cultural heritage... This is Kenya, the jewel of East Africa.

From the wide open plains of the magnificent Masai Mara to the towering peak of Mount Kenya and views of Kilimanjaro, this country, perhaps more than any other, embodies the spirit of Africa. Immortalised in film, on canvas and regularly gracing television sets across the world thanks to the Great Wildebeest Migration, the wide open spaces seen on one of our Kenya Holidays are renowned for their spectacular wildlife and fascinating tribal communities like the Masai and Samburu people.


Somalia Progression and Team Assistance Ghana program

Somalia Progression and Team Assistance Ghana program

Through our community service and Ghana, and we are working during the day, and get involved in the actions of the team in manufactured and night time, and journey on the few days to the wonderful and different destinations all over Ghana. We were fortunate to be our main contact and a companion of Putney College pupil Travel, Rory Fitzgibbons, who is the creator and manager of Trinity College Garden. Part by affiliate with community members, we help build a educational setting and continue the continuous development work on the collection in institution that started out lately. Factors of the venture involve light development, construction, and artwork. We also know British, arithmetic and social research in the town institution and primary knowledge of farming and sportfishing sectors of Ghana. Tasks in addition to we, also decided an separate venture to appointment the local fishers about their business, and colour tasks goal on a baseball field, or learn the drum hand drum Kidi. Mid-day and involve pick-up baseball or seaside beach ball, the formal language exchange with youngsters of the town, and Western Africa drumming and dancing training. When you complete the system efficiently, individuals can expect from 8-10 hours of community service.

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The Cutthroat buccaneers of Somalia, How do they perform in somalia

The Cutthroat buccaneers of Somalia, How do they perform in somalia 

A Bad Press Lately imparted some Somali pirate, "Idaho Minutes" appointment any in spite of your boyfriend's grown-up had just gotten hi-jacked a great 25 worldwide carrier's networks, an excellent interests ailments make it possible for, your guy intends to arranged particular perform exceptional, "Somali devils Social Groups" principally behave as their own unique rustic, "Seacoast Guard", just deal with strictly people people to help Somalia's territorial locations to finally mysterious angling vessels, or perhaps throwing of predominantly cost.

10, referred to Somali helps make pirates, basically two million U.S. usd with regard to ransom, these firms absolved by simply the kidnappers along with the Mediterranean valuables fishing boat 16 regarding Bulgarian ocean adventurers. It's actually claimed of any time eventually, the particular owner leased heli towards the location in piracy reduced the ransom cash. Need the profits, all the cutthroat buccaneers natural emit headach

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Fuel shortage in Egypt leads to rising tensions

Fuel shortage in Egypt leads to rising tensions

By Sherine El Madany
CAIRO (Reuters) - A gasoline shortage in Egypt has led to long queues at fuel stations and raised suspicions among drivers that it may be a prelude to a cut in subsidies, despite official reassurances that there is no plan to hike prices.
The streets of Cairo and other cities have been blocked by queues of cars, often snaking around the block, since shortages started becoming apparent on Saturday.
Many drivers have reached the pumps only to find fuel had run out, stoking tensions in a nation already reeling from months of political unrest and leaving many people frustrated that the uprising that ousted Hosni Mubarak in February last year has not yielded the economic dividend they expected.
"I have toured 15 gasoline stations looking for fuel," said Mahmoud Rabie, a merchant who travelled from his hometown in the Nile Delta province of Sharqiya, north of Cairo, to the capital searching for gasoline.


Somalia Oil Products and Fuel Pushes

Somalia Oil Products and Fuel Pushes

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African Countries with child soldiers & child soldiers

  • African Countries with child soldiers & child soldiers
  • Countries with child soldiers & child soldiers
  • Somali child soldiers & help child soldiers
  • Story of a child soldier & young women
  • How to stop child soldiers & children in war

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How to stop child soldiers & child soldiers pictures in Somalia

  • How to stop child soldiers & young soldier
  • Child soldiers video & about child soldiers
  • What is child soldiers & child exploitation
  • What do child soldiers do & girl child soldiers
  • Information about child soldiers & blood diamonds facts
  • Child soldiers charity & child soldier charities
  • How to stop child soldiers & child soldiers pictures
  • Child soldiers pictures & children in war

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Child soldiers facts & child soldiers stories in Somalia

  • Why are child soldiers used against USA
  • Child soldiers facts & child soldiers stories
  • Child soldiers in Africa & what are child soldiers
  • Child soldier stories & stop child soldiers
  • Facts about child soldiers & African child soldiers
  • Child soldier facts & information on child soldiers
  • UN child soldiers & about child soldiers

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Somali government and child soldier story

Somali government and child soldier story 
Channel 4’s Unreported World features the work of local peacebuilder Henri Ladyi to liberate child soldiers. The documentary focuses on the release of several dozen youngsters, and follows Henri as he travels deep into the bush to meet with hardened rebel leaders.
In the past year Henri has rescued 650 child soldiers – 400 have since been reunited with their families, the others are being cared for by foster families. 175 children under ten have returned to school, and those older have been trained in skills they can use to support themselves. These are the true stories of the children growing up in one of the most dangerous places on earth.Henri budgets just £21 to give each child he liberates the skills to start a fresh. For some this is enough to buy some animals to rear for milk and eggs, for others it the basic training to be a mechanic, a hairdresser or a baker. Make a donation today and help children like these change their future.

Somalia tourist attractions and Vacation Packages

Somalia tourist attractions and Vacation Packages
Somalia Points of interest comprise a trip information to the Bakara Industry in Mogadishu, the Shanghai Old Town and the Sinbusi Seaside in Merca.

Bakara Industry in Mogadishu is a a road market, which shows an range of foods, clothing and decorations. They are inexpensive and add Africa cultural shade to whoever would wear them. The road foods are amazing and created with the most easy and primary condiments discovered in Somalia. It is to be recalled that all these road foods are not balanced and might cause drinking water and meals carried illnesses. The Bakara companies are one of the only attractions in Somalia that has has taken up to popularity because of its part in the Somalian War.

The Shanghai Old Town is a very essential milestone and one of the significant Somalia Points of interest. The old city is known for its panoramic elegance. The structure of the position is also popular. This Somalia Fascination is currently managed by the rich company category and the warlords of it is.

The Sinbusi Seaside is also one of the most popular Vacationer Points of interest in the nation. Just 5 miles away from it is of Merca, this wonderful beach provides oil to the ebbing ambiance in your lifestyle. What could be more loving than remaining in a seaside hut with all the contemporary restroom and cooking area conveniences.  

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Union of Islamic Courts (UIC)

Union of Islamic Courts (UIC)
The UIC comprised mainly members of the al-Shabaab (youth militants), a militia of 500–700 fighters, largely drawn from the Hawiye and Ogaden clans.25 The UIC was responsible for significant levels of forcible recruitment of children in the latter part of 2006, declaring publicly their intention to recruit from schools. Children were recruited from schools in Mogadishu and the Hiran region. Headmasters from a variety of Mogadishu schools were reportedly called to meetings in September 2006 in which they were each required to commit a quota of 300–600 adolescent children to military training programs of up to six months.26 After the UIC seized control of Mogadishu in June 2006, some children between the ages of 10 and 16 were forcibly recruited for military training by the UIC in Dabble, near Kismayo, in Mogadishu and Hiran regions.27 There were reports that the UIC used child soldiers in recruiting efforts and rallies.28 A large number of child soldiers were reportedly abandoned when the UIC fled Mogadishu in December 2006.

Rescued ship attacked once again by pirates

Rescued ship attacked once again by pirates
MV-Suez, the freight send which was launched by Somali cutthroat buccaneers along with its team previously in the weeks time after 10 several weeks in captivity, came under strike once again on Friday.

The freight send was being escorted by Pakistani warship, PNS Babar(Type 21 frigate), and going towards Oman when it was allegedly assaulted by Somali pirates
A Pakistan Fast representative informed The Communicate Tribune that all reviews of a navy boat arriving under strike were unconfirmed at this factor.
He said that he can only say that navy delivers are secure. The boat had already come under strike on Friday, May 15, a day after cutthroat buccaneers launched the send and its team.
Wasi Hasan, MV Suez’s Pakistani leader said the team may have to get away from the send and problem a journey with PNS Babar. “The furnace in the website area is not operating, so our rate has stunted down from 15 troubles to 8 troubles,” he said while speaking with NDTV.
He also said that there is eight plenty of diesel fuel departed on panel, not enough to get Suez to the slot of Salalah in Oman.
All team is revealed to be secure.
After its launch from captivity, Suez was being escorted to protection byPNS Babar. Fast commando were also on panel the send while a navy chopper also went over the send to offer near air assistance.
The MV Suez, held by an Cotton organization, had been first boarded by Somali cutthroat buccaneers in Aug this season. Its team of 22 was lastly launched on May 14, after expenses of $2.1 thousand. Once the send creates slot, the team, composed four Pakistanis, six Indians, one Sri Lankan and 11 Egyptians will be able to fly returning to their specific nations.

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Schools raided for child soldiers

Schools raided for child soldiers
Mogadishu has seen a shimmer of wish in latest several weeks that has been missing for almost a several decades.

The Combined Countries Unique Envoy to Somaila, headed by Augustine Mahiga, set feet on Somali ground for once in 18 decades. Al Shabaab has been rapidly removed from Mogadishu, and Africa Partnership makes have obtained some physical achievements in their initiatives to remove Al Shabaab completely. Recent positive outlook seems to effervesce from the glowing red sea looking over Mogadishu.
More from GlobalPost: Kenyan and AMISOM makes aim to remove Al Shabaab
But according to a latest review from Individual Privileges Observe, major offenses regarding the use of kid defense force have improved significantly. The 104-page review, eligible "No Position For Kids," describes a variety offenses of worldwide law regarding the use of kids that have was held in Somalia since 2010. Although Al Shabaab is held responsible for commiting the most heinous offenses, the review declares that most events have in some way have used children in an unlawful and reprehensible manner

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Biggest Fish in the world carries by Somali fisherman

Biggest Fish in the world carries by Somali fisherman
A fishery is an place with an associated seafood or marine inhabitants which is gathered for its professional value. Fisheries can be outrageous or captive-raised. Most of the outrageous fisheries are in the beach. This content is a summary of beach fisheries.

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Somalia’s leaders commit to UN process to end recruitment of child soldier

Somalia’s leaders commit to UN process to end recruitment of child soldier
Special Representative Radhika Coomaraswamy speaks to the press in Mogadishu, Somalia
23 November 2011 – 
The United Nations envoy for children and armed conflict today secured a commitment from top officials in Somalia’s transitional Government to start a process to end the recruitment and use of children in the country’s armed forces.
Radhika Coomaraswamy, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict, secured the commitment from the President and the Prime Minister during her visit to Mogadishu, the capital, where she also spoke with children who had escaped from the ranks the Al-Shabaab insurgency, which is fighting against the Transitional Federal Government (TFG).
“Completion of an action plan will ensure that the TFG is child-free,” said Ms. Coomaraswamy. It would also “allow the United Nations to remove the Government from the ‘list of shame’ of parties that commit grave violations against children.”
During the meeting with Ms. Coomaraswamy, President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali and Defence Minister Hussein Arab Essa recommitted the TFG to the signing and implementation of a Security Council-mandated plan to end the recruitment and use of children in its forces, and pledged to immediately nominate military and civilian focal points within the Government to work with the UN to achieve that goal.
Ms. Coomaraswamy visited a camp in Mogadishu where Al Shabaab defectors and those who had surrendered are being held. Among them are 37 former child soldiers. She met with a 16-year-old boy who escaped after being trained as a suicide bomber and was injured in battle.
The boy’s case “highlights the fact that children associated with Al Shabaab are victims,” she said. “They must be transferred rapidly to civilian child protection actors, and be separated as soon as possible from adult Al Shabaab ex-combatants in order to begin the transition back to civilian life.”
The UN supports programmes for the reintegration of children associated with armed forces and groups. Such programmes promote rehabilitation of children through counselling, back-to-school initiatives and skills-based training, including family reunification.
In a meeting with Ms. Coomaraswamy, General Fred Mugisha, the commander of the African Union peacekeeping mission in Somalia (AMISOM), reiterated the force’s commitment to protecting civilians, and children in particular, during military operations.
He pledged to continue to provide maximum support for efforts to identify and separate children from the TFG forces, including through the appointment of a child protection advisor in AMISOM.
Ms. Coomaraswamy urged all UN partners to work closely with the TFG, AMISOM, and donors to step up efforts to prevent the recruitment of children, and the release and reintegration of those formerly associated with armed forces and groups.
“With Mogadishu more secure following the withdrawal of Al Shabaab, the onus is on the international community to assist the Government’s efforts towards stability,” said Ms. Coomaraswamy.
Both the TFG and Al Shabaab are listed in the Secretary-General’s annual report on children and armed conflict as recruiters and users of child soldiers. Listed parties must sign and implement action plans to end the grave violation or face the possibility of Security Council sanctions.
The Security Council in June expanded the criteria for offences that can lead to sanctions in Somalia to include grave violations against children.

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Top Ten Fastest Motorbikes in the World

Top Ten Fastest Motorbikes in the World
We all have heard that any x,y,z owns a fast bike. Even some of us own a bike that is fast, but not fast enough to touch 250 kmph. I have a bike and I believe it’s pretty fast. My bike touches up to 110 kmph and at that particular speed my lungs are screaming. But is this fast enough speed for a bike? No, bikes touching 100 or 110 kmph shouldn’t be called fast bikes. We’re talking about fast, crazy and furious bikes here. We’re talking about the bikes that no ordinary person can afford to buy. Yes, here we’re going to talk about mean and crazy machines. The following is a list of the top ten fastest bikes in the world that you will ever lay your eyes upon. I’ll say again, by fast we don’t mean 100 or 110 kmph, we mean bikes touching or crossing 260 kmph. Let’s give you a crazy ride 
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