Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Somalian Women, Somalian Girls, Somalian Princess

Somalian Women, Somalian Girls, Somalian Sitting down with music in my ears hot chocolate on the table as well as coke (i have fascinating drinking habits) and a magazine next to me is usually something i consider quiete relaxing but today , relaxing has just been far from my day.  for the last few days my Inlaws came to visit so we have been entertaining them and welcoming them to Dubai, and then my sister in laws (although a year apart have the same birthday), and we organised a surprise birthday party with a Spanish theme for them which was quiete a struggle to organise in the limited time that we had we got these colourful flowers and filled vases and decorated the back house of the villa with all these colourful spanish things and we transformed the dining room of the Villa in to like a wedding hall with straight lines center pieces and lots of exotic (spicy food) and some spanish like "Mock-Tails" instead of Cocktails with umbrellas and Amira had the idea to do the center pieces with bowls and coloured water and floating candlesPrincess  
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