Friday, June 17, 2011

Somalia, Ibn Battouta

History of Somalia, Ibn Battouta

  • The account of the famous Morrocan scholar Abou-Abd-AllahMuhammad-Ibn-Battouta (1304-1369) gives us a complete picture of the first Sultanate of Mogadishu, formed by Sheikh
  • Abubakr Fakr-el-Din. Ibn-Battouta was distinguished from other
    scholars and travelers of his days by his profound personal
    knowledge and accurate methodic observations of all that he
    encountered during his long voyage. He did not write about
    imaginary countries and peoples, where dragons, huge birds, or
    cannibals so as to impress his listeners, a characteristic feature
    of the distortions that continue to affect African history. Like
    Marco Polo, he observed, enquired, took notes and provided
    accurate accounts of what he saw. Like Marco Polo, he
    contributed to the exchange of knowledge among distant
    peoples. And Like Marco Polo, his works were not understood
    immediately, but came to be appreciated a century later.
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