Sunday, June 19, 2011

Celebrate Independence Day of Somalia

Celebrate for the Independence Day of Somalia.

The U.N. Envoy to Somalia Ahmed An Abdalla has advised Somali's "to carry all and Make serenity in their nation  as well as assisting the contract that occurred in  Djibouti” He was discussing at Somali Independence Day recognized in Huge Regency Resort in Nairobi the investment of South african-american. The Party of Somali flexibility day  of 1st September was joined by diplomats, Somali Mps, worldwide Dignitaries and Somali group who reside in Nairobi .Kenya is the  biggest Somali refugee coordinator in Africa as most  Somali's escape after the  1991 when Somali governmentOusted.  Somali Ambassador Mohamed Ali  who talked said  “I appreciate diplomats, Foreign individuals and Somali group who aspect with this Celebration” Somali Ambassador says  “That the worldwide group has performed big part to protected the contract that was  organised on Djibouti and the govt will do every factor  it can  to carry all Somali individuals and restore serenity and instabilities to the country” Also Somali Mp Mohamed Qanyre Afrah was one of the individuals who talked to Somali’scommunity those who aspect with the Somali Independence day Party said “I am discussing on part of Somali Mps and we are Supporting the contract carry on Djibouti andwe are trying how to perform that agreement” Also Mr. Qanyare Said “Somali seniors will be well known and I hopefree Selection will be organised in 2009”. 1st September is when the southeast part of areas in Somalia have been got their Independence from Tuscany, followed by marriage ofSouth and northern Somali areas.Since 1991 Somalia has been with out power when municipal war has damaged out aroundthe nation. Somali flexibility was not recognized as known since 2006 when Ethiopia troopswagged deposed Islamist defense force after everyday problems between Islamist defense force andSomali govt makes support up Ethiopia Army Military.
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