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Population of somalia increasing rapidly

  • Population of somalia increasing rapidly
  • Population of Somaliland + Somalia
  • Population Reference Bureau
  • Somalia Population in 2012
  • Total Population in Somalia

Population in somalia in 2011

  • Population in somalia in 2011
  • Counting the Franklin County Somali Population
  • Population Council in Somalia
  • Somalia War Crimes Devastate Population
  • Somalia Cities, Towns & Provinces

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War And Business? The Telecom Case In Somalia

  • War And Business? The Telecom Case In Somalia
  • Telecom Somalia - Mogadishu, Banaadir, Somalia
  • Golis Telecom Somalia, Galdogob, Puntland , Somalia 
  • Communications in Somalia
  • Somalia telecom sector battles instability

10 Annoying habits of Somali women in general

  • Somali Girls Find a Girl from Somalia
  • Do Somali girls have sex
  • Mail order brides from Somalia
  • 10 Annoying habits of Somali women in general
  • why do our Somali girls scared to have sex
  • Do Marriage has age Barriers?
  • Genital and Sexual Mutilation of Females
  • Engaged in Slavery Child Marriage

The British motives behind the BBC Somali Service

The British motives behind the BBC Somali Service

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Find cheap flights to Somalia

  • Is Grand Theft Auto Somalia real?
  • Somali leader survives bomb blast
  • Find cheap flights to Somalia

What kind of cars do Somalia Pirates drive every day?

  • Automobiles For Sale in Somalia
  • Somalia hotels Reservations Travelto Somalia
  • Somalia Somaliland on the Internet
  • Dusa Marreb, Somalia car rental companies
  • Cars, Vans & Motorbikes Somalia, Africa
  • Free Local Classifieds Ads in Somalia with Afribaba

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Automobile and Motorcycles in Somalia

  • Car dealers Somalia Find new and used cars
  • Cars Somalia, Transportation in Somalia
  • Car Shipping  Shipping Car to Somalia
  • Somalia Transportation
  • British Car Carrier Seized Off Somalia
  • Somalia Food Crisis car wraps
  • Automobile and Motorcycles in Somalia
  • Best of Somalia humors

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Most beautiful girl in the world charice

Most beautiful girl in the world charice

We had knowledgeable her as “Sunshine Corazon”, dolled up very carefully, so soft-spoken, somewhat still shy, being so amazing and honest to her adoring, much older fans! Yet when she revealed up on stage with Ne-Yo, she had gone through an alteration into Charice, the most amazing younger woman on the planet, with a FIERCE conversation and mind-set which exuded confidence and strength; same younger woman, yet two very different people.”

With a details as passionate and as particular as the one above, it’s complicated to not look for the investment of Chasters have for their idol. It’s no key that so many people consider themselves shifted or amazed in some way by Charice’s conversation and doing. Just by Charice’s newest performance in the Hitman Returns: Level Develop and Friends display last Sunday in Las The state of nevada, it can be said that she is now a full-grown professional, basically, imaginatively, and actually.


As we pay attention to Charice harness out the two Celine Dion movie games, “All By Myself” and “To Really like You More” – you will encounter the modify from the way she controls her conversation that she has indeed improved vocally from her periods as a kid aggressive in small-town competitions. In the display, even when Level Develop missed some is aware on the instrument at the end of a beat, Charice still nailed one more excellent notice, which is very challenging to do. And as LAfan said in his articles here, “Celine Dion had advised Foster” that “All by Myself” is a “ridiculously complicated beat to execute.” But Charice still conducted it incredibly.


On Charice’s performance with Ne-yo, we can see her enabling decrease and doing something different. Instead of the frequent Celine and Whitney music, we now see her grooving and doing RnB music. It’s apparent that Charice’s modern taste in music has indeed created. From the fast beat of her hit personal “Pyramid”, to her in-the-works circulation beat with Jim Beanz, it’s really fantastic to see Charice increasing her selection. As an professional, it’s never one to have a huge modern wide range of music that you is capable of doing and appreciate as well.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The most beautiful girl of Nigeria

The most beautiful girls of  Nigeria
 Jacob black Agbor Ayuk, on Weekend May 5th in Benin, won  the  2012  most Amazing young lady in Nigeria competition. With this she is the 20 fifth MBGN since the competition began 25 decades ago.

The occurrence in Benin which was used to stage the 20 fifth marriage wedding of the MBGN competition in Nigeria had a lot of eminence existing and were enraptured by the  efficiency of organizations 2face Idibia, Banky W, Chuddy K amongst others.

Isabella 25, a professional of the MBGN competitions; having aggressive ineffectively in 2004  is the Ex Elegance Master Of South-South Nigeria (2007/2008), Ignore Globally Nigeria (2009/2010),  and use freelancing for Ignore Globally worldwide (World) in Barbados ( 2010).


Isabella Agbor Ayuk,  who is also Ignore Mixture Flow,  lastly acquired her greatest wish, with the MBGN name. With her achievements comes the top prize of a company new Chevrolet Corolla from the Edo Condition Govt, N1m Cartier observe from Polo and an all expenses compensated journey to Mongolia by Lufthansa professional commercial airline.

Above all, Jacob black will indicate Nigeria at the Ignore Group competition creating in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China providers in Nov this period.

Damiete Charles-Granville, who won Ignore Universe 2012, will also be composed Nigeria at the Ignore Universe competition and  the 2nd jogger up, Ifeoma Umeokeke MBGN Vacation will indicate Nigeria at the Ignore Vacation competition.

While Antonette Igebu who was crowned Ignore La-Casera got a Kia Picanto and a money cost of One Million Naira, Experience of Choose Pro Cosmetics Tomilayo Salami scooped Five number of thousand naira and one period provide of makeup.

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Bulletproof car from Somalia for VIP

Bulletproof Cars:
At Personalized Ideal Vehicles, we understand that our customers are most subject to an reach when they are in their automobiles. The opponents also identify this. It is because of this that we put the best care into every perfect car and perfect vehicle we produce. We provide 4 levels of armoring protection. In all of our perfect automobiles, we consist of the whole visitor area with compact combination armors that are immune to all side gun and submachine gun munitions. The ideal ms ms windows are made with levels of hefty ballistic cup, which are laminated to a complicated inner spall protected of powerful nasty. The techniques of the automobiles are increased with powerful shield that is involves several different elements such as ballistic nasty, high-hardened ballistic jewelry, and Spectra Shield™.

If you think you may be a concentrate on for an reach, protected yourself and your family where you are most vulnerable with an perfect car from Personalized perfect Vehicles. 


Ethiopian and Somali govt troops

Thousands of Ethiopian and Somali govt defense force are currently implemented in the roads of the town and in and around the primary Bakara Industry, the biggest in the investment which has been shut for previous two days. The gran has charged the investors at the industry of financing the insurgents and described the industry as a hideout for oppositions of the govt and Ethiopian defense force. Public and personal transportation has not been managing in the town for the last two several weeks and people who stayed in the investment go to locations on feet mainly using backstreets as defense force often stop them from using the primary roads.amir awan

Somali government jobs


  • Somali government jobs
  • Somali government news and veiws
  • How Much Turf Does the Somali Government Really Control?
  • Puntland shuns Somali government
  • Somalia Government Postpones Elections to 2012

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International Sales and Marketing Management

Earn a Double Degree in International Sales and Marketing Management

The Bachelor of International Sales and Marketing Management is an innovative and exciting 3 1/2 years degree programme that leads to a double degree in International Sales & Marketing Management.

Delivered by IBA & London South Bank University, students undertaking this prestigious degree will be enrolled at both institutes and will earn a double qualification consisting of both one British and one Danish bachelor degree.

The first part of the double BA degree is the Marketing Management (Marketing and Economics) programme is a 2-year international higher education course that consists of following compulsory core subjects; Marketing, Organisation, Languages and Economics.

Incorporating theory and practice in a dynamic way, the Marketing Management course consists of following core components:


As a Marketing Management student you can choose between three different elective pathways:

    Tourism and Events Management

Upon completion of the Marketing Management course you have the unique opportunity to continue your studies with the Bachelor in International Sales and Marketing Management programme which is a top-up Bachelor in international sales and marketing management.

The Bachelor in International Sales and Marketing Management programme takes 1 year full-time study plus a 1-semester placement and is directed towards students who want to obtain competencies which put them in a position to independently and professionally perform job functions related to an international company’s position in the market.

During the first and second semesters of the Bachelor in International Sales and Marketing Management, you undertake the following subjects:

    Supply Chain
    Management and Organisation

Upon completion of the Bachelor in International Sales and Marketing Management graduates can look forward to either work with management or co-ordinator positions in sales, key account, export, marketing and product management. Bachelor in International Sales and Marketing Management-students can also pursue Masters of Science programmes within or outside Denmark.

If you want to find out more about Bachelor in International Sales and Marketing Management, you can make an information request below and the school will contact you with further information.

Doctor of Business Administration in somalia

Doctor of Business Administration in Somalia:

A Level program at the St Clements University - Somalia enables you to exercise company and commerce and to bring out relevant company projects.
Alternatively, a degree in company enables you to exercise company and to bring out relevant control projects. This includes teaching in the main control disciplines, Business and Economical Environment, Economical Source Management, Leadership and Professional Growth,Managing People and Organisations, Promotion, Functions Management, Ideal Management, Information Management, MBA Business Predicting and Which, Business Finance, Business Ventures, Global Business, International Promotion, Management Consultancy, Treating Change, Handling Business Social Responsibility, Community Service Management, Services Promotion, Ideal Treating E-Business, Ideal Functions Management, Ideal Project Management.

If you chosen area was control, you will have received a general and thorough background in control with the emphasis on enhancing the behavioral skills necessary to succeed in people and private, revenue and non-profit sectors, and your training will typically have included required courses in hr control, labour/management relations, systems control, and business behaviour., with specialized options in such topics as building a heterogeneous employees, gender issues in control, and business.

Contest of the best Somali flag

Contest of the best Somali Flag:
Liibaan, the banner is larger than who won the competition of the best Somali banner organised just before our Flexibility. There were a variety of nationalist performers who developed various variety of banners for the Somali Republic just before its governmental independence, but one banner came out powerful as it become a huge hit to the perfect desire for the oneness of Somali Area, both no cost and filled ones..

Somali government structure in Somalia

  • Somali government structure in Somalia
  • Somalia Government Structure 
  • Puntland in Somalia
  • Administrative Law  Somaliland Law
  • Government and policies of Somalia

Celebrate Independence Day of Somalia

Celebrate for the Independence Day of Somalia.

The U.N. Envoy to Somalia Ahmed An Abdalla has advised Somali's "to carry all and Make serenity in their nation  as well as assisting the contract that occurred in  Djibouti” He was discussing at Somali Independence Day recognized in Huge Regency Resort in Nairobi the investment of South african-american. The Party of Somali flexibility day  of 1st September was joined by diplomats, Somali Mps, worldwide Dignitaries and Somali group who reside in Nairobi .Kenya is the  biggest Somali refugee coordinator in Africa as most  Somali's escape after the  1991 when Somali governmentOusted.  Somali Ambassador Mohamed Ali  who talked said  “I appreciate diplomats, Foreign individuals and Somali group who aspect with this Celebration” Somali Ambassador says  “That the worldwide group has performed big part to protected the contract that was  organised on Djibouti and the govt will do every factor  it can  to carry all Somali individuals and restore serenity and instabilities to the country” Also Somali Mp Mohamed Qanyre Afrah was one of the individuals who talked to Somali’scommunity those who aspect with the Somali Independence day Party said “I am discussing on part of Somali Mps and we are Supporting the contract carry on Djibouti andwe are trying how to perform that agreement” Also Mr. Qanyare Said “Somali seniors will be well known and I hopefree Selection will be organised in 2009”. 1st September is when the southeast part of areas in Somalia have been got their Independence from Tuscany, followed by marriage ofSouth and northern Somali areas.Since 1991 Somalia has been with out power when municipal war has damaged out aroundthe nation. Somali flexibility was not recognized as known since 2006 when Ethiopia troopswagged deposed Islamist defense force after everyday problems between Islamist defense force andSomali govt makes support up Ethiopia Army Military.

Overseas Embassies and Consulates of Somalia

  • Somalia Embassy and Consulates Addresses in the USA
  • Overseas Embassies and Consulates of Somalia
  • American Embassy in Somalia
  • Embassy of Somalia in United States
  • Somalia Embassy, Somalia Embassy Consulates Worldwide
  • Embassy Of Somalia In France
  • Somalia Embassy and Consulate Canada

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Italian Somaliland and British Somaliland nations

Italian Somaliland and British Somaliland nations:
The Somali flag was adopted on October 12, 1954 and it was inspired by the flag of the United Nations who had previously named the country as a trustee of Italy for 10 years. In 1960 Somalia gained independence and united with the former British Somaliland. The present day Somalia consists of the former Italian Somaliland and British Somaliland nations.

Somaliland Government information

Somaliland Government information

The politics of Somaliland take place in a framework of a presidential representative democratic republic, with the President as head of government, and of a multi-party system. Executive power is exercised by the government. Legislative power is vested in two chambers of parliament, the House of Representatives of Somaliland and the House of Elders.
The 2 major clans of Somaliland are the Isaaq and the Dir (Gadabuursi and Ciise). Somaliland has avoided the fractious interclan relations of Somalia.
Internationally no country recognizes Somaliland.
International aid organizations have done much to help restore essential services and infrastructure, clear land mines, reintegrate displaced populations, promote indigenous welfare organizations, and, more recently, to strengthen government bodies.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Independence of Italian Somaliland from Italy

Independence of Italian Somaliland from Italy
Somalia was created on 01 July 1960 following the independence of Italian Somaliland from Italy, which then immediately united with British Somaliland to form the Somali Republic. British Somaliland had gained its independence just five days earlier on 26 June 1960. Currently Somalia is regarded as a "failed state" with a weak, but recognised central government authority, which is known as the Transitional Federal Government (TFG). 

The TFG only controls the central region of the country. De facto control of the north of the country resides in local authorities, of which Puntland, Maakhir and Galmudug acknowledge the authority of the TFG, and maintain their declaration of autonomy within a federated Somalia. Southwestern Somalia and Jubaland, in the south, have largely abandoned the idea of autonomy. Somaliland in the north has declared itself independent from Somalia and does not recognise the authority of the TFG. Somaliland's self-declared independence is not recognised.

List of political parties in Somalia

  • List of political parties in Somalia 
  • How Somaliland Successfully Hosted its First Parliamentary
  • The Deferred Dream of Somalia 
  • Somalia Political parties Somalia area, system, power
  • History of Somalia
  • Somali Youth League 
  • Somali Youth League

Somaliland Marks Independence After 73 Years of British Rule

Somaliland Marks Independence After 73 Years of British Rule
Somaliland, Weekend, May 26, 1960 (Reuters): Packed areas of people danced in the roads here, bonfires blazed from the mountains and fireworks rush in the sky as last night time written the end of Britain`s guideline in Somaliland. The nation became separate after seventy-three decades as a English protectorate. Governmental events provided events to visitors from all areas. The rejoicing was to proceed the next day, a community vacation.  Recently separate Somaliland programs to bring all with nearby Somalia Saturday when Tuscany gives up her U. s. Countries trusteeship there. The five-day break between versatility and merging was seen as a interval of prospective risk. There was worry of possible situations with Ethiopian areas along Somaliland`s ill-defined boundaries. [Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia said Saturday he expected for relaxing boundary modification with totally free Somalis soon.

The Economy of Somalia

The Economy of Somalia
Somalia is a nation that has knowledgeable inner issue and war for much of it’s record. Assault and loss of life have become everyday facts for the individuals of Somalia since the main govt was overthrow in 1991. There are a large number of refugees throughout the nation that have been removed by the continuous municipal war, as well as reoccurring flooding that have affected the nation. Starvation is extensive throughout Somalia due to famine and the failing of plants. 300,000 individuals have passed away because of hunger and lack of nutrition and million keep experience. Somalia has many issues and is regarded a relatively inadequate nation, but in evaluation to many other Africa nations Somalia is doing well for itself, especially it’s economic climate.

Somalia, Ibn Battouta

History of Somalia, Ibn Battouta

  • The account of the famous Morrocan scholar Abou-Abd-AllahMuhammad-Ibn-Battouta (1304-1369) gives us a complete picture of the first Sultanate of Mogadishu, formed by Sheikh
  • Abubakr Fakr-el-Din. Ibn-Battouta was distinguished from other
    scholars and travelers of his days by his profound personal
    knowledge and accurate methodic observations of all that he
    encountered during his long voyage. He did not write about
    imaginary countries and peoples, where dragons, huge birds, or
    cannibals so as to impress his listeners, a characteristic feature
    of the distortions that continue to affect African history. Like
    Marco Polo, he observed, enquired, took notes and provided
    accurate accounts of what he saw. Like Marco Polo, he
    contributed to the exchange of knowledge among distant
    peoples. And Like Marco Polo, his works were not understood
    immediately, but came to be appreciated a century later.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Agricultural district of central Somalia

Agricultural district of central Somalia
Abdullahi Issa was blessed in 1922 in Afgoi, in the farming section of main Somalia, but when he was a kid his dad passed away and his mom shifted to Mogadishu, the investment.

He was sent to a Quranic institution and then to an French language Govt institution. (Somalia was an French language protectorate). At 15 he joined the French language Govt assistance and he stayed in it until 1942, when the English Army Management took over after the Eastern Africa promotion.

Somali Independence Week Series

Somali Independence Week Series
It has often been said of the Somali individuals that they are impetuous, unforeseen and much given to the artistry of war and oratory. At the moment, however, when a clean evaluation of Africa individualities is of excellent realistic significance, generality of this type are risky and inaccurate. They are certainly large of the level in the situation of Abdullahi Issa, the Pm of Somalia, who is predicted to appear as the excellent reverend of the new Somali Republic after the partnership of Somalia and the recently separate Somaliland.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Issas of Djibouti, Somalis of Ethiopia

Issas of Djibouti, Somalis of Ethiopia
Somalia implemented a lighting red banner in honor of the U. s. Countries Enterprise that had managed the nation until the flexibility. The celebrity has 5 factors - one for each division of the Somalis: Issas of Djibouti, Somalis of Ethiopia, Issaks of Somaliland, Somalis of old French language Somalia and the Somalis of Northern South africa .

Somalia Independence and Union Day

Somalia Independence and Union Day
On September 1, 1960, the 5-pointed bright celebrity banner was hoisted; and the next day, the partnership of the two Somalilands (British and Italian) was officially ratified by the Nationwide Set up.

Margery Perham of The Periods has described the beginning of the new Republic as Siamese twin babies whose god-parents were: the U. s. Countries, England, and Tuscany. [See The Periods, September 4, 1960].

First effective Somali political party

First effective Somali political party
In May, 1943, the first effective Somali political party, the Somali Youth League, was formed. Abdullahi Issa joined the League a year later. In 1945, he was asked to start a branch of the League at Belet Uen and after two years, at the age of 25, he became secretary-general of the whole League. It was in this capacity that he took part in talks when the Youth League presented its views to an inquiry committee of the Four-Power Commission in 1948.

Most beautiful African Girls in 2011

Most beautiful African Girls in 2011

The Most Wonderful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) pageant originally began as Forget Galaxy Nigeria in 1983, and was created by Silverbird Group, renamed Most Wonderful Girl in Nigeria in 1986.[1] Winners showed Nigeria in Forget World and, until recently, Forget Galaxy – currently, only the first-runner up participates in Forget Galaxy. After Forget Nigeria ceased representing the country abroad, MBGN titleholders continued from where Forget Nigeria had ceased.[2]
The current title holder is Forget Nigeria 2010 finalist Sylvia Nduka, who showed Taraba, and is also the fifth consecutive Igbo to win the contest.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Somalia Food and Economy

Somalia Food and Economy 

Use products from camels, goat's, and cattle is a major meals for Somali herdsmen and nomadic families. Young men looking after camel herds during rain may consume up to ten quarts of milk a day. Aging camels may be killed for their various meats, especially when visitors are expected for a party, and the unhealthy camel's problem is considered a intracacies. Meat, such as liver organ, from lambs and goat's also is well-known, but various meats is provided only a few times a month, usually on special events. Durra (a feed sorghum), baby, times, feed, and tea are other meals basics for nomads. Farm owners in the southeast part of Somalia grow maize, coffee beans, sorghum, millet, crush, and a few other fruit and vegetables. Boiled millet and feed are basics, but feed must be brought in.

The most well-known breads is muufo, a flat breads made from ground maize flour. Somalis period their meals with butter and ghee, the clear fluid skimmed from dissolved butter. They also enhance their meals with sugar, sorghum, or baby. A holdover from French language profession in the south is a love for rice and marinara marinade. Although seafood is numerous in the ocean off the Somali coast, Somalis generally do not like seafood. Using the Islamic trust, they do not eat chicken or consume alcohol. Use products, tea, coffee, and water are favorite beverages. Bubbly beverages are available in places.

Somaliland Legislative Assembly

Somaliland Legislative Assembly

The Somaliland Legal Set up these days all accepted a Expenses advertising programs to bring all the nation with Somalia.
The Set up met a day previously than initially organized, because Ministers are troubled to go to Somalia to negotiate a number of information in relationship with the partnership.

Most Beautiful somalian Girls in the world

Most Beautiful somalian Girls in the world
Sandhya while getting the press lately said,” Currently I have been finalized for a Telugu movie called Haasini.

This movie is about a center earnings team which has ten ladies. The Kannada movie Aptha Rakshaka has been accomplished. In Tamil I am performing in Irumbu Kottai Murratu Singam, Odi Pogalama and Nootrukku Nooru.I am sporting different type of tasks in each of these movies. I have been in theatre for the last five decades.

Many are asking me why I have not achieved the top position. I think time is yet to come. But as well attaining the top is not very far away.

Monday, June 13, 2011

British Rule In Somaliland IS Ended

 British Rule In Somaliland IS Ended
Somaliland, June 26, 1960 (Reuter): British rule ended here at midnight last night as fireworks and singing crowds heralded the Independence of Somaliland. Celebrations continued throughout the night. A big electric sign on a hillside carried the message: “Long Live independence.”  Celebrations in the capital were repeated in settlements and outposts throughout the territory. The rejoicing will continue tomorrow, which has been proclaimed a public holiday. Early this morning crowds thronged the polo ground for the final act of independence. Mohammed Haji Ibrahim Egal, the Prime Minister of independent Somaliland, took an oath on the Quran to the new state and hoisted the blue and white, starred flag.

Establishment of the Somali National Army

Establishment of the Somali National Army
One of his recent prudent measures was the establishment of the Somali National Army, thus restoring the balance of power within the country, which previously had had only one armed body, the very well trained police force.

Experience of Somali national politics

Experience of Somali national politics

After this experience of Somali nation-wide condition guidelines he now signed up with a higher place. In the sept of 1948 he went to London, uk as one of the affiliates of the Team for the debate on Somalia in the Typical Set up, where his knowing of both People from france terminology and English was an undeniable source. Elections in 1956 presented him the office of Fantastic Reverend and Reverend of Privileges. It was in the Belet Uen constituency that he won his seat in 1959 and he again became Fantastic Reverend, preparing the office with that of Reverend of Inner.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Somalia Alternative Concept of Leadership

  • Somalia  Alternative Concept of Leadership 
  • New Political Party launched in Somalia
  • Somalia Human Rights
  • Clan Mobilization and the Somali State
  • The situation in somalia
  • Federalism and Autonomy Conflicts in the Somali Region

Somali Independence Week

Somali Independence Week
The idea of possible merger of the British and Italian Somalilands surfaced as early as 1959. In February of that year, British Colonial Secretary, Alan Lennox-Boyd, proposed while he was in Hargeysa that British Somalilanders have the option to choose between early self-Government and an early association with Italian Somaliland, which at that time was scheduled to gain independence in December of 1960.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Somalia Social Welfare and Change Programs

Somalia Social Welfare and Change Programs

Probably the biggest initiatives at social well being and change in Somalia came during the 60s and 70s, the decades after flexibility, and the early decades of Siad Barre's socialist program. Barre attempt to do away with the group system and make a heterogeneous community. Some nomads were resolved as farm owners, ranchers, or fishers. Under Barre the position of women enhanced, an itemized abc was designed for Somalia, and there were improved initiatives in the places of knowledge and knowledge.

Somalia Urbanism, Architecture, and the Use of Space

Somalia Urbanism, Architecture, and the Use of Space
Probably the greatest projects at public well being and modify in Somalia came during the 60s and 70s, the years after versatility, and the beginning years of Siad Barre's socialist program. Barre create an effort to do away with the team program and create a heterogeneous team. Some nomads were fixed as town entrepreneurs, ranchers, or fisherman. Under Barre the place of females enhanced, an itemized abc was developed for Somalia, and there were enhanced projects in the locations of understanding and understanding.

Government of independent Somaliland

Government of independent Somali land
One of the first pronouncements by the Government of independent Somali land was a broadcast warning against the illegal carrying of firearms, after reports that tribesmen had been seen in a number of towns with rifles. 
There has been a general ban on firearms and only a few have been issued in special cases – such as for shooting game. The warning said the law had not been changed with independence, and would be rigidly enforced.

Most beautiful girls in Somalia

Most beautiful girls in Somalia
I say the Somalis look better in this video, but Ethiopian women are very very beautiful. There are many of them in Fresno. However, they are pretty much untouchable, as I think they only go for Ethiopian guys.
 One of the Ethiopian women in this video (2:16) looks like a White woman (an Arab)! Some of the Somali pics are duplicates of the model Iman, but I don’t think they all are. I don’t think Iman is the only Somali big name model out there.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Somali population in Finland growing fast

Somali population in Finland growing fast 

At the starting of the season Finland had 11,881 people discussing the Somali terminology as their native terminology. About three fifths of them were blessed in Somalia.
Nobody knows what the results will display ten decades from now.
In modern times the variety of Somali-speaking individuals in Finland has improved by nearly ten % in a season. Some of them are asylum hunters, and some are individuals who have been provided property allows on the foundation household connections, while many are kids who were blessed in Finland
In the Helsinki area, about 50 percent of the development in the Somali inhabitants includes kids blessed in Finland.
Of the 1,180 Somalis who used for asylum in Finland last season, 548 were provided a property allow.      
The variety of Somali asylum hunters has reduced significantly this season, and if the same speed carries on, there will be about 600 by the end of the season.
Nearly all Somali asylum hunters whose programs are accepted use for property allows for close relatives as well. At the end of this season, there were about 6,000 programs for immigration law according to household connections, says Heikki Taskinen, manager of the immigration law device of the Finnish Immigration Assistance.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Population of Somalia

Population of Somalia The population of Somalia in 2003 was estimated by the United Nations at 9,890,000, which placed it as number 80 in population among the 193 nations of the world. In that year approximately 3% of the population was over 65 years of age, with another 44% of the population under 15 years of age. There were 98 males for every 100 females in the country in 2003. According to the UN, the annual population growth rate for 2000–2005 is 4.17%, with the projected population for the year 2015 at 15,263,000. The population density in 2002 was 12 per sq km (31 per sq mi).It was estimated by the Population Reference Bureau that 28% of the population lived in urban areas in 2001. The capital city, Mogadishu, had a population of 1,162,000 in that year. Hargeysa (the former capital of British Somaliland), had an estimated 150,000 inhabitants. Other cities included Chisimayu, Berbera, and Merca. Approximately 60% of the population is nomadic. According to the United Nations, the urban population growth rate for 2000–2005 was 5.2%.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Somalia Map National Geographic

Somalia Map National Geographic
It is not an apparent sanctuary. Designed nearly a millennium ago, the French language light house has been in disuse for decades. Its control stairway is in a condition of mid-collapse. Its hollowed-out locations fragrance of sea rot and pee. Youthful men sit cross-legged in the stones, eating qat—a flower whose results in contain a stimulant—and enjoying a chop activity known as ladu for time. Some huddle in a area and smoking cannabis. 

They seem like spirits in a town remaining for deceased. But the light house is silent and it is safe—if anywhere in Mogadishu can be regarded.
Mohammed, 18, comes for the perspective. From the top ground he recognizes the continues to be of his community in the once illustrious Hamarweyne section. He can see the continues to be of the former United states Embassy, the luxury al Uruba Resort, the Shangaani section, once overflowing with silver suppliers and fragrance emporiums—all now marvelous away. A only goat appears in the center of the primary street, while the centuries-old homes alongside

Somalia Conflict takes Toll on Civilian Mental Health

  • Somalia Conflict takes Toll on Civilian Mental Health
  • A new review says the extended issue in Somalia has taken a big cost on the psychological well-being of ordinary people.
  • The Community Wellness Company (WHO) says many are experiencing psychological sickness and have become culturally separated and insecure.
  • In Nairobi, Dr. Marthe Everard, the WHO associate for Somalia, says, “The scenario is not very good.  As you can think about, after 20 decades of war…and municipal trouble and issues and displacement…we think that one in three Somalis has one or the other psychological health problem.” 

  • The issues are many and different.  Everard says they consist of pressure and anxiety, depressive problem, schizophrenia, psychological retardation, abusing drugs and epilepsy.
  • The WHO represents the assault confronted by many Somalis as “horrific,” such as defeating, personal and sexual assault.
  • “The scenario is more intense than we ever had believed.  Really a decrease of protection sensation, a lot of interruption, people are going for walks around with…war injury,” she says.  Other issues causing psychological pressure consist of high lack of employment and hardship.  A deterioration famine is harmful livelihoods and animals.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011

Somali fashion show in Minneapolis

    Ka Joog, a non-profit Somali youthful technology organization in Or and Mohamed Hersi, (an up and coming designer for Ka Joog Design-clothing)

       - he also provides as the team get in touch with for Ka Joog, will generate a benefits incident to improve money for relaxation of the hunger in Somalia. 

          Fashion screen income will go to Retain the Children to aid in the hunger relaxation in Southern African-american. This collaboration is between several Somali organizations that have come together to help people in their homeland.

          Conflict in Somalia Drivers and Dynamics

          Conflict in Somalia Drivers and Dynamics After more than a decade of limited engagement in Somalia, the World Bank in cooperation with development partners began to re-engage in 2003. Supported by several donor agencies, a World Bank team worked with Somali nongovernmental organizations over several months to research conflict sources and dynamics in the three main regions of Somalia. Conflict in Somalia examines the results of the study and offers recommendations for reconstruction and development assistance that takes the knowledge on conflict into account.

          Sunday, June 5, 2011

          Physical Map of Somalia

          • Physical Map of Somalia
          • Google Map of Somalia Nations Online Project
          • Somalia map & info  today
          • Somalia map, Somaliland map, Puntland map, Galmudug 
          • Maps of Yemen & Somalia, Peter Loud
          • Map of Somalia in Africa

          Somalia Conflict Maps Islamist and Political

          Somalia Conflict Maps Islamist and Political

          The first map shows the locations of the three main Islamist groups in Somalia: al Shabaab, Hizb al Islam, and Ahlu Sunna wa al Jama'a.  Al Shabaab is currently in control of southern Somalia and has established Islamic administrations in its territories.  Hizb al Islam controls Beledweyne and administers Hiraan region, as well as Afgoi district near Mogadishu. These two Islamist groups have coordinated their efforts in central Somalia and in Mogadishu, but have clashed over important southern cities, such as the port city of Kismayo.  The third Islamist group in Somalia, Ahlu Sunna wa al Jama'a, tends to align itself with the governments - both local and national.  It has worked in cooperation with the Transitional Federal Government and with the Galmudug Administration.

          The second map depicts the political situation in Somalia.  In northern Somalia, the self-declared Republic of Somaliland administers its own, independent government, as does the semi-autonomous region of Puntland.  Galmudug Region in central Somalia is an administration that spans the Mudug and Galguduud regions.  Ahlu Sunna wa al Jama'a clerics have worked in conjunction with the Galmudug Administration and have publicly stated their opposition to al Shabaab and Hizb al Islam.  Islamists remain in control of the rest of central and southern Somalia.  The Transitional Federal Government only controls key locations in Mogadishu and has a presence in other strategic areas in Somalia.

          Somalia school of mum and dad

          Somalia school of mum and dad
          REARING children seems to have been a lot less complicated a technological innovation ago. We ate what was put before part of us, spent untroubled, sunlight experiencing on remaining behind practice selections and grown up up to be, on the whole, healthy, rounded human beings. These days, children are more rounded than they should be, with being obese a improving issue. But eating plan is just one factor that allows newborns become healthy, fulfilled children and adults; all the thoughts need to be activated to help them create. And it gives a whole new importance to the five-a-day idea. Actually, easy satisfaction of all five thoughts in the first season can have a outstanding impact on their creative imagination, intellect and emotional and wellness in later lifestyle. Research that children with starting discussion and language capabilities are likely to be more confident, have higher self-esteem and better academic careers. At the Cowgate Under-Five Hub in Glasgow, which lately acquired top symbolizes from HMI and Health care Commission transaction payment employees, Dark red McNair and her team believe in multi-sensory learning at as starting an age as possible.

          Saturday, June 4, 2011

          Largest Somali TV satellite network for free

          Largest Somali TV satellite network for free

          Worldwide Tv was founded in 2002 with the main aim of stuffing the information gap and offering straight answers and quality television programs to the international africa group. It is the first and the biggest Somali TV satellite television system of its type. Worldwide TV, which provides information, opinions, and educative and enjoyment programs, is an important link connecting the huge and powerful Somali diaspora with improvements developing at their home front side. It is also designed to interact with its viewers in a significant conversation concerning all factors of life. Worldwide TV has decided to go to streetwise occurrence and be LIVE on TV. 

          The streetwise display will entice the greatest possible viewers.

          Four nations in the Horn of Africa

          Four nations in the Horn of Africa
          Somali-speaking people spread over four countries in the Horn of African-american, ongoing to deliver huge interaction by mouth until 1973 when the Somali terminology was, for the first time, published unripe in a Latina abc. Following that cutting-edge, the first form of list press, “Xiddigta Oktoobar” (October Star), a govt managed daily paper was already released the next year. Along with Stations Mogadishu, Oct Celebrity looked like the propaganda machine of the communist-turned-socialist govt of Gen. Mohamed Siyad Barre, the overdue master chief executive of Somalia.

          Friday, June 3, 2011

          leila xiis, the somali fashion Designer

          • leila xiis, the somali fashion Designer
          • Famous somali Fashion Designer 
          • Upcoming Somali Fashion Designer
          • Somali Fashion Collection 
          • Somali Model And FashionMataano
          • Fashion Line by Somali Twins
          • leila xiis, the somali fashion Designer
          • Famous somali Fashion Designer 
          • Upcoming Somali Fashion Designer
          • Somali Fashion Collection in Midlands
          • Somali Model And Fashion
          • Mataano, a Fashion Line by Somali Twins

          The Africa Guide Somalia Introduction

          • The Africa Guide  Somalia  Introduction 
          • African Studies Somalia & Somaliland 
          • Darfur Africa
          • map of Africa
          • Somalia Africa culture
          • Somalia Africa map
          • Somalia Africa history
          • Somalia Africa facts
          • south Africa Somalia
          • 2009 in Somalia 2008

          Somali journalist's life is short anyways

          Somali journalist's life is short Anyways
          In August, Shabelle Media Network, one of Somalia's leading independent broadcasters, did something incredibly brave--they rebroadcast news and music that the BBC's Somali-language service beams to the war-torn Horn of African nation in defiance of a ban imposed by hard-line militant Islamist rebel groups Al-Shabaab and Hizbul Islam. For Somali journalists, who risk death by crossfire and assassination, and censorship from both insurgents and the weak U.S.-backed transitional government, it was a courageous pushback against forces hostile to independent media.

          Thursday, June 2, 2011

          Mohamed Dheere, Mayor of Mogadishu

          Mohamed Dheere, Mayor of Mogadishu

          Mohamed Dheere, Gran of Mogadishu, Friday said at a government-organized move in the Somali investment that the town is more protected than before because of the latest protection attack by Somali govt soldiers and Ethiopian makes. Discussing to the pro-government packed areas of individuals at the Konis baseball arena in the northern of Mogadishu, Dheere said, "the govt has done all it could to carry this protection but it is the individuals who should keep it. Mogadishu has, for the last two several weeks, been the landscape of intense battling between Ethiopian troops-backed Somali govt makes and Islamist insurgents compared to the use of international soldiers and Somali govt guidelines.

          Latest News and Information on Rail Transport In Somalia

          • Latest News and Information on Rail Transport In Somalia
          • Transport Business Companies In Somalia
          • Air Transport and Destabilizing Commodity Flows
          • Somalia  Humanitarian Acces in South Central
          • Free Rail transport in Somalia
          • Air Transport and Destabilizing Commodity Flows
          • Somalia's food crisis worsening, say agencies

          Most beautiful girls in Africa

          Most beautiful girls in Africa

          First exposure to media in Somalia

          First exposure to media in Somalia
          The first experience press in Somalia, therefore, had to come in an dental type. In the beginning 1950’s, Stations Hargeisa was founded in the then English protectorate, now breakaway area of Somaliland. Around that same time, Gamal Abdelnassir, Egypt’s overdue focused innovator requested Stations Arabic Comments, a Pan-Arab delivering assistance out of Cairo to open a Somali discussing assistance.

          Wednesday, June 1, 2011

          Somalia Shipping and Logistics News

          • Somalia Shipping and Logistics News
          • Somalia Strategic Failures And Operational Successes
          • Somalia Shipping and Logistics News
          • Business Network Somalia  Expat Clubs
          • Latest News and Information on Somalia

          Communication in Somali society & BBC Somalia

          Communication in Somali society & BBC Somalia
          Communication in the Somali society has been transmitted orally for a longtime, earning a widely reciprocated nickname for the Somali people: an “oral society”. In part because the medium for which the communication is without it impossible, the Somali language, was barely written 30 years ago. The first exposure to media in Somalia, therefore, had to come in an oral form. In the early 1950’s, Radio Hargeisa was established in the then British protectorate, now breakaway region of Somaliland. Around that same time, Gamal Abdelnassir, Egypt’s late ambitious leader ordered Radio Arab Voices, a Pan-Arab broadcasting service out of Cairo to open a Somali speaking service.
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