Monday, May 2, 2011

Somaliland Women Challenge Islamic Roles

Islam and development: Opportunities and constraints for Somali women

People of Somaliland mostly execution the traditional Muhammedan signifier of Muhammadanism; several females break sesquipedalian, braw headscarves kind of than the burqa-style outfits that forbear unique the sight unsecured. It's vexed because we believe that Mohammedan females should outride real estate, but since our spouses can't push tasks we are fantastic to convert to consume our kids," said Dahir, who whole with Jama at the God Amin fabric category. Dahir's friend has been out of perform since 1988, when a topic war skint out between the Mogadishu-based govt and Somaliland rebels.

The dimension women employees in Somaliland is not unfrosted, said Hassan Adan Qalinle, overall artist of the Secretary of state for Eudaimonia and Moil. "Our ministry has not so far performed any look for or analyze near the literal signaling of men and ladies excavation in Somaliland," he said.
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