Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Scholarship in University of Southern Somalia Baidoa in Somalia

Scholarship in University of Southern Somalia  Baidoa in Somalia
In response to the overwhelming shortage of highly educated security professionals in critical languages and cultures like Arabic, the National Security Education Program came up with the David L. Boren Scholarships. If you thought the Gilman Scholarships were a big deal, these are even more in-demand. The NSEP scholarships are open to undergrads and grads pursuing challenging and non-traditional studies like that in Oman. Students must be able to experience Arabic in its vernacular or common form as well as the culture of Oman. This is a scholarship for service program, meaning you must be willing to return professional service to the U.S. government after graduation and preference is given to those who are willing to consider long-term careers in national security. Awards are up to $26,000.
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