Friday, December 24, 2010

Business opportunities in Somalia

Somali Chamber of Commerce & Industry

SCC offers a wide range of services to its Members, including:

a. Commercial documentation services
The Chamber issues commercial documentation such as Certificates of Origin and other shipping documents. Such documents endorsed by the Chamber are recognized worldwide.

b. Research and Publications
The Chamber has made arrangements to collect, follow up, study and analyze information on economy, statistics, figures of imports and exports, trade information, rules and regulations on trade and trade opportunity. Also the Chamber will research on specific areas of concern. Such information gathered will be provided to the business community to help them make informed decisions.

c. Business Development and Promotion
SCC will make every effort to make Somalia a business-friendly environment and encouraging new entrepreneurs to come up with new ideas. This includes creating new business opportunities and promoting global competitiveness of Somalia-based businesses.

d. Training and development
SCC will research on management challenges faced by the local businesses. To respond accordingly, the Chamber will make tailor-made range of professional training programs.

e. Government Liaison
SCC provides access of business leaders to Government ministers and officials. SCC will regularly consult the Government on issues related to the business community. This provides opportunities for members' views and concerns to be heard.
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